Popular 10 Longboard Athletes in Turkey


We have researched successful longboard athletes in Turkey for you.

Here are Turkey's 10 Most Popular Longboard Athletes.


  • Country: Turkey
  • Style: Downhill, Freestyle
  • Effective years: 2016- Present
  • Teams he left his mark on: Northernsun Boards

Who is Behlül Doğruer?

He is a very young athlete who has improved himself in the downhill style of longboard and can comfortably do skateboarding movements on a longboard. It reached a speed of 85 km per hour on the longboard board. Behlül, who is a professional athlete in the Northernsun Boards team, has been the Tekirdağ representative of Turkish Longboard for many years.


Enfal Altar Calapverdi
  • Country: Turkey
  • Style: Freestyle
  • Effective years: 2011- Present
  • Teams he left his mark on: Sector 9 Turkey, Skateboarding Turkey, Northernsun Boards

Who is Enfal Altar?

He is the professional longboard athlete who has received the most longboard sponsorship in Turkey. Enfal Altar, which can jump from very serious heights in freestyle style, especially in hippie jump and similar movements, achieved the highest score in European competitions by jumping from 1.55cm obstacles in 2018 Sportfest Freestyle & Dance competition. Enfal, who is among the founders of Turk Longboard as well as being a professional athlete for brands such as Sector9 Turkey, Buz24 – Loaded, Gargamel Kadıköy – Globe, Skateboarding Turkey – Gang and Northernsun, is one of the best ways to reach longboard sports in Turkey by working hard with his longboard organization. is an example…



Armağan Altun

  • Country: Turkey
  • Style: Downhill, Freestyle
  • Effective years: 2008- 2016
  • Teams he left his mark on: Landyachtz, Wooden, Bustin

Who is Armağan Altun?

He has been dealing with longboard sports for many years. He organized various longboard events in Turkey and also managed Longboard Turkey and similar organizations.


Elif Naz Doğan

  • Country: Turkey
  • Style: Dance, Surf Skate
  • Effective years: 2017- Present

Who is Naz Dogan?
Naz, ranked 3rd in Turkey in the Longboard Women's Open category at the 2018 Wave Surfing Turkey Championship held in Babalı Surf Village in Kocaeli's Kandıra district. In addition to this, there are 2nd prizes in the 18th and 19th Sportfest freestyle & dance longboard competitions, she.


Brenton Baer

  • Country: America
  • Style: Downhill, Freeride
  • Effective years: 2013 – 2020

Who is Brenton Baer?
Brenton, a downhill freeride athlete of American origin, has managed to attract attention with his high speed and effective slide movements in downhill events for many years.


Hilal Baran

  • Country: Turkey
  • Style: Dance
  • Effective years: 2019 – Present

Who is Hilal Baran?
Hilal, who has been developing faster than expected in the longboard dance style, shoots videos related to longboard dance on social media. She is also the founder of the Skating Academy formation.

onur arkoc longboard

Onur Arkoç

  • Country: Turkey
  • Style: Surf Skate, Slalom, Pumping
  • Effective years: 2020 – Present
  • Teams he left his mark on: TSS

Who is Onur Arkoç?
It has shown a successful development in Surf Skate. He drew attention with his work on wave surfing and longboard downhill.

sahin mehin

Sahin Mehin

  • Country: Turkey
  • Style: Freestyle
  • Effective years: 2018 – 2021

Who is Şahin Mehin?

Sports life started with Fitness and Calisthenics & Streetworkout. He started his business life with the company Vitamin Supplement and continues to coach in gyms. In 2017, he ranked 2nd in Turkey in Athletic Physics Young Men. Due to his sports background, he developed himself in the sport of Longboard quickly and became the 2nd in Turkey in the Sportfest Longboard Competition in 2019. He also shoots videos on training and motivation.


Ata Şener

  • Country: Turkey
  • Style: Freestyle
  • Effective years: 2014 – Present

Who is Ata Şener?
He is a professional Downhill athlete. Provides training on Longboard Downhill and Slide.


Doğukan Geçici

  • Country: Turkey
  • Style: Freestyle
  • Effective years: 2015 – Present

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