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Wave Surfing Championship 2018 Turkey


Babalu in the district of Kocaeli Kandira 2018 held in the village Surfing Wave Surfing Championship awards ceremony was willingly go to Turkey. Programs throughout the country, being the first official championship in Turkey over the wave of amateur and professional surfers joined.

Cüneyt Şensoy stated that they organized the first official tournament of the wave surfing branch in Kocaeli, and said, "We will form our national team with the results we get here, and we will have barrage matches before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics." said.

We recommend you to follow Danube Surf House, one of the award-winning surf schools in Kocaeli. Seeing the Chiboard Balance Board at the event excited us separately. In addition, our Istanbul Turk Longboard branch representative, Elif Naz Doğan, came 3rd in the competition. This success of Naz also made us proud. Assign sporumuz many thanks to everyone who contributed in studies for the development of surfing in Turkey, ...

Author: Tarkan Kutup @tarkankutup

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