Board of Directors

2021 - 2022
enfal altar calapverdi


Head of Turk Longboard

Enfal Altar is a Professional Longboard Athlete. He was born on May 18, 1995 in Istanbul, Kadıköy.

In 2011, he received the "Taking The Pulse Of The Planet Award" from the United States NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) for his oil and environmental cleanup project. Thanks to this, he had the chance to go to America and met longboarding.

While he was a student at Istanbul University Faculty of Communication, Department of Radio, Television and Cinema, he founded Turk Longboard with his former colleague Melih Gümüş. He became a champion on the 17th Sportfest Longboard freestyle competition. He started his professional longboard rider career in 2017 with the sponsorship of “Board Sports” resulting in him being elected for the Sector 9 Longboard’s Turkish Team.

He became the champion of Turkey on the 18th Sportfest International Longboard Freestyle Dance Competition by winning 2 consecutive times. He also broke the European record of the Hippie Jump Category by jumping from a height of 1.55cm. During the time of sponsorship with Buz24, he entered the Loaded Boards of California’s team. At the 2020 season, he paired up with companies such as “Northern Sun Boards” and “En Extreme”. Northern Sun Boards manufactures longboards with Enfal Altar’s own signature.

Enfal Altar, one of the referees of the Turkish Skateboarding Federation, has been a jury in many Longboard competitions. In his business life, he owns a media company that provides services on social media and digital marketing.

Yonetim Kurulu Melih Gumus

Mehmet Melih GÜMÜŞ

Deputy Chairman

Melih was born on August 26, 1980 in Istanbul.

He is a graduate of Istanbul University Medical Electronics. He started board sports with Snowboarding at an early age. With the desire to snowboard on streets, he bought a Longboard in 2016.

In order to bring people who love longboarding together, he became friends with Enfal Altar, who was also his schoolmate, on the Caddebostan beach, and he pioneered in turning the Turk Longboard initiative into a community.

In the face of daily hustle and bustle in life and ongoing responsibilities, members of the Turk Longboard community enjoy joining their lives with sports, friendship, team spirit and many longboarding achievements. Many excited and passionate longboard lovers will always be happy to include them.

In 2018, the post-accident protection equipment he spent while doing Downhill saved his life. Physical confidence is very important as all branches of sports are exciting. As in professional life for Melih; The use of suitable equipment for athlete safety ranks first in its own activities and in the Turk Longboard Community.

He continues to work as a Co-founder at Mag Medical Systems Technology in the health technologies sector in his business life. 



Vice President

Şahin was born on June 14, 1994 in Üsküdar, Istanbul.

His sports life started at the age of 16 with fitness and Calisthenics &streetworkout. He started his business life with Vitamin Supplement company and continues to coach in gyms. In 2017, he became 2nd in Turkey Young Athletic Physics Mens competition.

Due to his past sports history he was quickly able to progress in Longboarding. As a result he won 2nd place during the 19thsportfest competition. He also makes videos on training and motivation.


Tarkan KUTUP

International Coordinator

Tarkan, Profesyonel Dalga Sörfçüsüdür. 15 Aralık 1970 Almanya Köln’de doğdu.

He is a Mechanical Engineer and a Business Economist. Throughout his education and business life in Germany, he met surfing in the mid 90's. Him and his family re-established their lives by coming back to Turkey in 2009. While trying to progress as a surfer in water, he started to train on land with a 1 meter Street Longboard. After his long researches, he built his first 1.90m Longboard with his own hands.

This is how he established Northern Sun Handmade Kingsize Boards. He coaches and sponsors many professional Longboard athletes, especially Turk Longboard Team Riders.



Communication Coordinator

Ebru was born on July 1st , 1991 in Izmir.

She is a graduate of Marmara University. Thanks to her interest in extreme sports and especially water sports, she is really interested in wave surfing, windsurfing, sailing racing, longboarding, skiing and dancing.

She ended her project management career in the advertising sector and made the Pilates branch her profession for years and actively works as a Pilates instructor. She is the founder of the Pua Design brand.



Advertisement and Media

Selim was born on November 22nd, 1984 in Konya.

He is a Downhill Athlete. With his passion for extreme sports; He started skating and ice hockey at a young age and added Ski, Snowboard, Wakebord and Longboard to his repertoire in addition to Bmx, Downhill Cycling, Motocross branches.

In addition to his personality on social media, he has also shown success in scientific terms; He completed two specialty trainings and is currently working as a doctor in a state hospital in Istanbul.



General Secretary

Ahmet was born on October 6, 1986 in Istanbul Kadıköy.

He is interested in MMA, Kickboxing, and Muai Thai Sports. In 1995, he bought his first Skateboard by collecting Margarine Paddles.

Although he is a sportsman in Atilla Cycling Team, he has participated in all Turk Longboard organizations.

He brought together his first professional longboard in 2008. He also produces custom Monster Electric Skateboards.



Organizations Coordinator

Doruk was born on February 22nd , 2005 in Şişli, Istanbul.

He is the youngest member of Turk Longboard Group in a management position. He got his education at ACS International Schools in Qatar due to his family's jobs.

After returning to Turkey he is continuing his education in Istanbul. He is interested sports such as swimming, American football and tennis besides longboarding.