Turk Longboard Membership Application Form


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Attention for Membership Applicants:

* Anyone who wants to know more, has interest or wants to Longboard as group; can join and become a member of Turk Longboard.

* It doesn’t matter to us whether you have a history with Longboarding or not.

* Our Authorized Team will result your application for membership, at 09:00 AM Istanbul, Turkey time (GMT +3) every Sunday.

* Please fill out the application form without any mistakes nor missing information, and please read our Basic Membership Criterion made of 10 items.

Membership Criteria

1- I am not going to discriminate against anyone regarding his or her language, religion, race, political opinion nor social status.

2- If I am under the age of 18, I will apply by uploading the parent permission paper.

3- I will not damage the self-confidence of my former members in Longboard sport, and I will do my best to support the development in this sport.

4- During longboard activities, I will leave the area I entered the way I found it, clean. I am not going to harm the environment in any way, shape, or form whilst doing my sport.

5- If I have a problem with another member in the Whatsapp/Telegram group(s) I join, I will try to solve this problem without reflecting it on the group or report it to the management crew.

6- I will not share any spam messages or unauthorized advertisement messages in the Whatsapp/Telegram group(s) I join.

7- I won’t disturb anyone via Whatsapp or telegram without his/her permission from the main Whatsapp or Telegram group. I won’t use slang/curse words nor harmful substances in the events I participate in.

8- I will get permission from my representative or the administration in the city where I am, before posting to groups in an emergency or for announcements.

9- I will be responsible for any action I take that doesn’t comply with the Basic Membership Criteria. I won’t hold Turk Longboard or its sponsors responsible for legal sanctions that may occur.

10- I will not advertise brands and/or products that isn't associated with Turk Longboard in the chat groups and organizations I attended.

Attention: After submitting your application, you will have accepted the process of sending e-newsletter mail from info@turklongboard.org and all other terms. For more detailed information, see the Legal Notice You can visit our page.