How to Skate Longboard?

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Everyone has a balance foot, right foot in front of the rocks goofy, left foot in front of the sliding is called regular. If you put your feet back and not forward
If you are walking, they are also called mongo goofy or mongo regular.

longboard nasil kayilir

You can find your balance foot in 3 ways.

First, you will leave yourself forward. Whichever foot you fall on, you will repeat this several times, it can be your balance or guide foot.

2. Our technique is to lift yourself from any height.
let it be too high, repeat this a few times, either I write with my right hand, so if you say that I am falling on my right foot, you will definitely fall on your right foot.

However, with our 3rd technique, when someone pushes you without your knowledge, you don't think about it at that moment, so you can find your right balance foot in the 3rd attempt.


The origin of the longboard sport comes from wave surfing. Clear your mind in this type of board sports, if you think about falling, you will definitely fall.

You have to practice everything you learn in the longboard sport. You will never hesitate while sliding, always stay calm. Remember, American doctors say that similar sports such as skateboarding and longboarding are safer than sports such as basketball. So you will not be afraid of falling.

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Longboard sport has its styles. You can do it with Downhill / Freeride, Freestyle, Dance, Pumping / Slalom or Carve all but cruiser
we can call it a style or a sub-category. All styles have their own challenges, but you can overcome them with lots of practice.

longboard nasil kayilir

Do not forget to do a lot of repetitions while doing step training.

t pozisyonu

This position is called the T position. While doing step training, you will first do the T position and then the board position, but while stepping on the board with your balance foot, do not step on the board with all your strength. There is power transmission

board pozisyonu

The name of this position is Board position. Never get off your board while in board position. Always get on and off your board in the T position.
You can do it by using the board position while doing your longboard movements or while turning.

enfal donus içe doğru

After completing the step training, you can easily slide the longboard that dominates your board by repeating this training. Don't forget to look towards where you will turn first when turning inwards and outwards.

adımla ve fren

It will be better to step or brake slightly below your fingertip while you are stepping on your longboard board or on the foot brake, not your fingertip.

ani fren

We have 3 types of brakes. First of all, you will not always do the sudden brake or emergency brake, just remember that you should do it when something sudden happens. When you encounter a sudden obstacle, make a t position and run forward, if you do not run, you will somersault.

ayak freni

Do not get used to the sudden brake too much in daily life, where power transmission is concerned while applying the foot brake, you should rather use the foot brakes. When you brake your foot, there is a power transfer that will not be on your balance foot.

slide 1

When you go to very high speed, you have to brake with a slide movement on slopes.

adım atma

While taking your steps, one step from the front is equal to three steps from behind, so get used to taking your steps from the front. Remember that 17 different muscles work in this sport, so you will use your whole body to slide, not as if you swallowed a stick. For longboard, it is useful to choose sneakers with thin soles to make your steps comfortably and to feel the board.

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While you are falling, if you are falling forward, try to collect yourself by crawling, if crawling is not enough, then roll yourself. In backward falls, push your hands back and pull your knees toward you.

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By: Enfal Altar Çalapverdi