Turk Longboard Community

Founded on the 4th of May 2017

Turk Longboard Hakkında

Turk Longboard was founded by former colleagues Enfal Altar Ç. and Melih Gümüş from Istanbul University. Their aim was to ensure that everyone can ride their
longboard without regarding anyone’s; religion, language,
and race. In 2017, as Turk Longboard we joined our first ever activity which was: 17 Worldwide IEL Sportfest Festival. Throughout that season, Turk Longboard organized 18 different activities.



In 2018, Turk Longboard was officially in the list of Known Longboard Communities Worldwide,
Turk Longboard slowly began to find representatives in cities worldwide.
It organized the Longboard summer camp for the first time in Turkey, and made 33 different organizations throughout the world during the season.




In 2019 Turk Longboard prepared stands and arranged conferences in Universities/Colleges in order to introduce young students to the culture of Longboarding. This season an activity has been organized for kids with “Leukemia”. The name of this activity was called “Go Skate For Kids With Leukemia”, thanks to this activity we raised and funded over five thousand toys that were appropriate for kids. That season we completed over 37 Longboard activities.




In 2020 we have established the Turk Longboard Team, we paired up with Northern Sun boards whom is currently producing a collection special for Turk Longboard Team Riders and Turk Longboard Members. We started producing and launched the new Turk Longboard merchandise line-up. We, as Turk Longboard, are organizing different and very creative outdoor activites, in order to spread the culture of longboarding to people of all ages.