Turk Longboard Community

Founded on the 4th of May 2017

Turk Longboard Hakkında

Turk Longboard Group was founded by Istanbul University friends Enfal Altar Çalapverdi and Mehmet Melih Gümüş. Their aim was for everyone to glide freely together, regardless of religion, language or race.
Its first organization participation is the 17th International IEL Sportfest festival in 2017. It held 18 different events during the season.



In 2018, it became one of the known longboard communities in the world. Turk Longboard has started to open representative offices in cities other than Istanbul.
It organized the Longboard summer camp for the first time in Turkey, and made 33 different
organizations throughout the world during the season.



In 2019, they opened Turkish Longboard stands at universities and held conferences to introduce the longboard culture to young people. They organized 37 different longboard events throughout the season, along with the Longboard tour, where they collected more than 5 thousand toy donations with the Go Skate event for Children with Leukemia. The Longboard Academy project has started.




In 2020, the Turk Longboard team was established. Northern Sun company has released a Turkish Longboard team for team athletes and members. The Turk Longboard team runs a variety of outdoor activities. Turk Longboard branding project started.



In 2021, Turk Longboard organized the longest 21 June World Skateboarding Day tour in Turkey for the first time from Istanbul Kadıköy to Caddebostan Beach. Products started to be produced under the brand name of Turk Longboard.




In 2022, the Turk Longboard team made the first wave surfing organization in Istanbul Şile. Trendyol opened its stores on Amazon, Hepsiburada and its own website. Clico has started the Turk Longboard Token project with digital support.