Frequently Asked Questions About Longboarding (FAQ)

Longboarding is a sport that American surfers took off in the 1950s when they could not find waves so they could surf on land. Their first Longboards started by attaching the trucks and wheels of Quad skates under surfboards, and you will see that the quad skate system is very similar to the truck systems of the Skateboard and Longboards we know now. In the 1980s, sports started to become popular, of course, legends like Rudney Mullen became popular in Freestyle skateboarding and people started to do skateboard, longboard and similar sports in mass. It would not be wrong to think of Longboard sport in the same surfing logic because we can see Longboard movements such as Cross Step and Hang Ten on surfing.

There are 5 generally accepted styles in Longboard Sport.

1. Style (Downhill / Freeride) - Video

2.Style (Dance) - Video

3. Style ( Freestyle ) – Video

4. Style ( Cruiser ) – Video

5. Style ( Slalom,  Pumping, Carve ) – Video

Turk Longboard aims to be one of the leading longboard communities around the world and to spread the culture of longboarding by giving sposorships and organizing activities for people of all ages. Anyone who doesn’t know how to longboard but wants to know more about longboarding can join these activities. Every organization that is organized by Turk Longboard is free to join. Sometimes an organization’s food, transportation fees are covered by Turk Longboard.

In order to join the activities organized by Turk Longboard, you can become a member and you will automatically be able to get in contact via mail or directly by whatsapp.

There is no age restriction for joining Turk Longboard’s activities because anyone from any age can do this sport.

You can join our community from Turk Longboard’s website homepage. Our representatives will examine your application; the final result will be announced in 24-48 hours from application time via short message or mail.

Turk Longboard’s Board of Directors is made up by 9 people. During projects or when a new decision is being made, everyone’s vote is counted equal. Our city representatives select the Board of Directors once in every 3 years. In order to be a candidate for The Board of Directors you must first become a city representative or be one of the founder members.

Their aim is to spread our community to the cities they are located in, and to convey the sponsorships to the ones sponsored located in that city. They must organize events respectively to their city and should be a good example of our community. They must also get in contact with people who want to be a part of our community. The application of a person to be a representative is examined by our pre-existing representatives.

We organize events periodically for categories such as: Downhill, Freeride, Freestyle, and Dancing. If you trust yourself in anyone of these areas shoot a video of yourself and get in contact with our Team Manager.