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Indian Downhill Athlete Ayaz Shaikh Interview

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We asked Indian Downhill Athlete Ayaz the questions you were wondering about.

Could you briefly introduce yourself to us? Where were you born and what are you doing as a profession?
Ayaz: My name is Ayaz Shaikh. I am a community representative for our longboarding community in India. I was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. I am working as an operations manager for a NGO and also as a sales representative for a different company.

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Photographer: Niket (@nikofwest)

What influenced you to start the longboarding sport?
Ayaz: I was introduced to longboarding by my friends Antima Bisht and Sagar Gharat. Initially, it was just for fun and cruising for a year. Once we explored downhill longboarding, I started taking it more seriously. I used to fall a lot, then I started researching more about the right techniques and started to apply them in my practice. I never really realized when I got so much into it.

ayaz shaikh longboarding
Photographer: Pranal (@pranalchavan_)

What are your favorite longboard spots to longboard?
Ayaz: There are a few. One of them is Zanskar, Ladakh. It’s by far the most beautiful place I have ever skated. It’s in the North of India in the Himalayas.

What advice do you have for newcomers to longboarding?
Ayaz: Always wear a nice helmet. Learn to foot brake properly. Always have a reality-check about your own skills and how much you are ready to push your limits. Don’t take unnecessary risks. Grow Slowly and patiently. Don’t rush!

hindistan longboard
Photographer: Ranjan (@ranjan.simkhada)

What is your favorite Longboard move?
Ayaz: A simple front side slide to take a curve.

Which Longboard move was the most challenging for you?
Ayaz: Any toe Side slide (Except for push up Slide). I had a really nice fall on my face while learning a hand down toe side and I think I have never recovered, lol.

ayaz shaikh longboard rider
Photographer: Vikas (@vikas_lci)

What other sports do you do besides longboarding?
Ayaz: I really enjoy trekking, climbing, and table tennis.

What is the biggest longboard project that you have ever dreamed of?
Ayaz: Currently, I (along with the community) am working on some projects to promote longboarding in India. India has a lot of potential in all the disciplines of longboarding. We are trying to grow communities country-wide so that in a few years, Indian riders will be able to represent in world level competitions.

longboard hindistan
Photographer: Sagar (@jammy_lci)

To sum it up, what would you like to say to Turk Longboard members about Longboarding?
Ayaz: Kudos to everyone. Support the growth of your community, Always wear your helmet, and ride safely!

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Ayaz Shaikh

Ayaz Shaikh Social Media Account
Ayaz Shaikh (@ayaz_lbdr)

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