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What is Skateboarding?


Skateboarding was invented in the mid-1970s in the coastal cities of California, USA, by young people who could not surf on windless days. Skateboarding movements developed rapidly after the discovery of the ollie, which was simply a jumping movement, and different tricks emerged. Ollie forms the basis of many movements. Street and Bowl style now exists as a discipline in the Olympics.

According to the TDK, skateboard means a device made of various materials, with wheels underneath, on which to slide.

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Street Style

Street style skateparks with sidewalks, flat areas, steps, barriers, stair handles or similar materials are used. The idea that American skateboarder Rodney Mullen made the biggest contribution in this style is accepted. He made great contributions to the discovery of almost basic movements, especially Ollie, which is the jumping movement in Streetstyle. This style, which is the most preferred style in the world, is the most preferred style because there is no need for special areas.

Bowl and Ramp style 

In the past, only street-style skateboarders started to skate in bowl-shaped pools after a while. This style emerged as we started making more useful ramps in California. Although there are different types of ramps, the most well-known ramps are halfpipes, which look like half pipes. Ramps aren't just halfpipes. The other most used ramps are the quarterpipes, which are less inclined and lower than the quarter tubular halfpipe ramp. In addition to the half-pipes, which are usually close to each other and in standard sizes, there are also models called Mega Ramps, which were designed and manufactured by Danny Way. Danny Way holds many high and long jump records on these ramps. Tony Hawk is considered one of the best in the world in this style.

This style is similar to the street style, but the movements made are outside the known rules and movements that the skateboarder produces with his own style rather than the known movements. Variety, difficulty, fluency and creativity are important in freestyle movements.

It is a style that emerged from the longboard sport that American surfers took out in the 1950s to surf on land when they could not find waves. The sport of longboarding was invented by Preston Nichols in the 1950s as an alternative to surfing. From these boards, heavily influenced by surfing, also emerged the modern skateboard. So in a sense, the longboard came before the skateboard. Downhill is a high-speed style. Skateboarders need to stop with the slide movement after they reach high speed, so the slide movement is the most important braking style to know in this style.