Bone wheel or silicone wheel?


There is a known misconception about bone wheels and silicone wheels. Professional skateboard or longboard wheels are made of polyurethane. We can accept 78A in the middle of the wheel hardness. Wheels with a higher number than 78A, for example, 80A, are harder, while those with a lower number, such as 75A, are softer. Another issue to be aware of is width and contact patches. Width is the width of the wheel, Contact patch is the length where the wheels touch the ground. Wheel diameters are evaluated in millimeters (mm).

It is the professional polyurethane longboard wheel in the photo.


Professional polyurethane manufactured longboard wheels in the photo

Note: It is useful not to choose silicone or bone wheels made of cheap plastic, they are not durable and as strong as polyurethane.

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