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The Longboard Story of Kortan Söylemez


I'm Kortan Kayra Söylemez

I was born, grew up and live in Istanbul.

Thanks to my father, I have been involved in this kind of sports since I was a child. I'm on this road
like many of you, I first started with the bike. Then I continued with BMX, Freestyle Scooter.
My skateboarding adventure is not much, it started three years ago.
I follow Enfal. I met him while filming a video. But next to
I couldn't go, I was hesitant. After a few years, he got tired of watching and emulating, and made a momentary decision.
I ordered a skateboard. It wasn't a very expensive skateboard. It was an intermediate skateboard. anyway
when i was learning i thought it would be ruined (shattered). three days after placing my order
My skateboard arrived. I immediately went to my best friend Anıl. while waiting for him
I walked into the basketball court next to their house and unpacked my new skateboard and on it.
I tried to stop. Actually, I was successful. I was just having certain troubles when pushing.
I was pushing the skateboard trying to jump on it and working on the ground. Anıl and me from the side
he was watching. He came to me and supported me. We learned skateboarding with him. even single
we both learned with a skateboard. He held me, showed me. Then I grabbed it and
I showed him the moves. We learned in 6 hours of falling and getting up. Even to move in 7 Hours and
We started descending the slopes. The first move we learned was "Pop Shove It". Classic start
We tried to do most of the moves. And we couldn't do most of it. When we go home in the evening

We kept watching "How to..." videos on youtube.

When we went out the next day, a close friend of mine came with a longboard (Landyachtz Double
drop). When I first got on it, I felt very strange and I liked it. I asked
and I took the skateboard from his hand. I toured Maltepe for 20 minutes. It was so enjoyable
Returning and leaving was a different pleasure. When I come back and sit next to you
We started and 2 months later I bought the longboard I am using now. Long researches and Enfal
As a result of disturbing his brother a lot, a Drop Through deck would suit me as well.

We agreed and I bought it.

I am currently driving along the coast. From Kartal to Caddebostan, establishment
I'm going to our place and I'm very happy with my board. To all of you this sport and this pleasure.

I definitely recommend.

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