What Is The Longboard Downhill Style?



What is the Style of Longboard Downhill

We're talking about the most dangerous Longboard style. Going over a piece of wood at 100km / h is really crazy! Can turn the slightest distraction into a disaster

Especially forests and mountainous roads are preferred. The roads with plenty of slopes and curves are the case with slopes and bends. Many people think this sport is just about shooting slides, but actually slide is mostly used in freeride. I seem to hear people saying Freeride and Downhill are not the same thing. Freeride is mostly an urban free strap. There are movements made at lower speeds such as jumping off the pavement, shooting slides.

We said Downhill is fast, how fast is it? Kyle West's incredible record comes to mind right away. It's easy to say 143.89 km / h! It is definitely not easy. He has many years of experience in this record. Rider is important but at least as important as the driver is the board you use. A downhill board is much heavier than a normal board of that size. The material of which the board is made, trucks and wheels, should be chosen specifically for this type. Boards are usually thick and carbon alloyed. I prefer 43 degree narrow trucks. The lower the angle of the truck, the less it turns, which allows you to control the board better when you are at high speeds. If you prefer a high angle truck, it will be difficult to control the board when you accelerate. The width of the trucks is also related to the cornering comfort, if your trucks are wide, you can slide more easily, if it is narrow, you can turn the bends more easily without sliding. We have 2 important choices when it comes to the wheels, their softness and size. As the size of the wheel, I prefer 80 mm, the bigger the size of the wheel affects your speed, the faster you accelerate. As I said, there are those who use 85 mm. Softness affects the road holding, if you are level with slide throw, you should prefer hard wheels. I use soft wheels because I can slide with soft wheels (77a) because it keeps the road better. We do not have a choice for sandpaper, it should be thick, it should keep your feet nice so that you do not slip over the slide. As a bearing, I use ceramic bearings, you can use the bearing you want, but it will be in your best interest.

The balance and control part is very important guys. Those who cannot balance in the windbreak position may of course be able to train them in a flat place before they start downhill. Staying that way for a long time really exhausts the legs. When you first start, you should definitely not aim to reach high speeds, if you want to go to high speed, make sure you have learned how to fall and slide. There is an event called Slalom, it is really a trouble. I remember very well the first attempt at slaloma, the board is shaking scary and you don't know what to do. The only remedy for this is to practice a lot.

Friends, if you chose this style, you have already taken the risk of falling and getting injured. There are times when we are intertwined with cars because we are driving on the road, and unconscious drivers do not care about us. Do not forget to wear your protective equipment (gloves, knee pads, elbow pads and helmet). If possible, do not go to Downhill alone, remember that if something bad happens to you, you can handle it alone.

Author: Behlül Doğruer @behlll

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