Longboard Training


There are So Many Reasons to Learn Longboard!

  • Longboard allows you to actively work 17 different muscles.
  • It helps you increase your muscle mass with regular use.
  • Contributes to increase your balance and coordination skills
  • Compared to walking, it is a very effective cardio sport as you will need to expend more energy to cover the same distance.
  • It also helps you lose weight when used for sports purposes 2 days a week with a balanced diet.
  • It can be used for transportation, since it has small dimensions compared to a bicycle, you can also take it with you when using public transport.
  • It is a board sport that you can use safely by practicing a little after the longboard course to be taken.
  • After learning longboard, you can contact the Northernsun team because it will be equally easy for you to adapt to wave surfing since the sport of longboard is discovered with a logic like the land version of surfing.
  • It helps you socialize by getting together with other longboard athletes.

Join FREE Longboard workouts after completing your longboard training!

If you don't know what style means, professional and knowledgeable longboard academy teachers are happy to explain the differences between each style down to the smallest detail.

It guarantees to teach you Longboard gliding in the shortest and most accurate way with special techniques.

In addition to longboard lessons, we also have skateboarding lessons. If you don't know the differences between longboard and skateboard, to find out Click Here

What will you learn with the Longboard Lesson?

You do not need to buy yourself a longboard set before the longboard lesson. If you wish, you can rent our longboard sets for FREE to use in the lessons. In this way, you have the chance to decide on the most suitable model for you together with a professional longboard trainer. There are longboard models with different lengths designed for different usage styles. You can talk to your instructor about which style you want to learn, and you can request training for one or more of the downhill, freestyle or dancing styles. You can take your training as one-on-one private longboard lessons, or you can continue your training by taking group lessons.

Are you ready to surf on land with us by joining our Caddebostan Beach Longboard Tours?

It is really a great privilege to be able to do such a fun sport, so we will be happy to see you among us. To join the Turk Longboard Community Join us You can apply immediately by clicking on the form.

To The Attention Of Participating Members;

* Organized by professional longboard team athletes.

* It is obligatory for the participants to bring a helmet during training or training.

* It is strictly forbidden to advertise brands or schools during training hours in the study area.

* Training days and hours may change due to weather conditions and similar conditions.

* In case of postponement, our colleagues will contact the participants two days in advance and inform them.

* Responsibility for accidents that may occur during training or training belongs to the participant.

* Applicant candidate member is deemed to have accepted all mentioned items.

You can join the Turk Longboard Community for free by clicking here.

We recommend that you become a member of the Turk Longboard Community before purchasing your board.