With which foot is the longboard used?


Everyone who glides on a longboard has a balance leg. Those that slide with the right foot in front are called goofy, and those that slide with the left foot in front are called regular. If he takes his feet back and not forward, they are also called mongo goofy or mongo regular.

longboard nasil kayilir

You can find your balance foot in 3 ways.

First, you will leave yourself forward. Whichever foot you fall on, you will repeat this several times, it can be your balance or guide foot.

2. Our technique is to lift yourself from any height.
let it be too high, repeat this a few times, either I write with my right hand, so if you say that I am falling on my right foot, you will definitely fall on your right foot.

However, with our 3rd technique, when someone pushes you without your knowledge, you don't think about it at that moment, so you can find your right balance foot in the 3rd attempt.

longboard nasil kayilir

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