Longboard mu Cruiser mi?


Longboarding is a sport and has different style categories just like skateboarding. All of the boards made for navigation can be evaluated in the category of cruiser, which means navigating, cruising. Cruiser, which is the style of the longboard, is considered to be different because it is counted as a sub-category of other styles, but cruising is done with all boards. Cruiser boards may be shorter than longboards of other styles. Skateboard-sized boards are called mini cruisers.

Considering cruiser and longboard as a style, since cruiser will be considered a sub-category, it is recommended for a beginner to start with a cruiser board if he has not chosen his style, because in longboard sport, no matter what style he starts with, he must first do long distances with his board in order to master the board and improve himself.

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