When did the longboard come out?


Longboard Sport is a sport that American surfers started in the 1950s when they could not find waves, so they could surf on land. Preston Nichols invented the Longboard in Hawaii between 1940 and 1950. Its actual year is somewhat debatable. In the early days, the Longboard was a good alternative when surfing was boring. However, after a while, this longboard idea started to spread rapidly in California with the influence of surfing culture. Sonrasında ise Longboard ve buz pateni, Güney Kaliforniya’da kendini göstermeye başladı.

They produced the first longboards by attaching the trucks and wheels of Quad skates under the surfboards. It would not be wrong to think of longboard sport in the logic of wave surfing because we can see Longboard movements such as Cross Step and Hang Ten in surfing. Based on this information, we can define Longboard as surfing on land.

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