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Longboard Athlete Cindy Chang Interview


Longboard Athlete Cindy Chang answered your questions.

Could you briefly introduce yourself to us? Where were you born and what are you doing as a profession?
Hi everyone! I am pleased to take part of this project within the Turk Longboard members. My name is Cindy, I'm 26 yo and I was born in south of France. I now work now as a 360° designer in Paris and also a freelance model.

What influenced you to start longboard sport?
Cindy: This is a funny story actually : I accidentally met people who were having a longboard meeting and I was very curious about those guys dancing with those long board ( I had a short plastic penny board at that time ). So I guess seeing them having fun and doing physical / technical moves on that board really amazed me !

What are your favorite longboard spots to skate?
Cindy: I can think of 3 spots in mind : Palais de Tokyo (Paris, France) - Plaza de Créteil (Créteil, France) - Les Capucins (Brest, France).

What advice do you have for newcomers to longboarding?
Cindy: Please : learn how to properly fall so you prevent bad stupid injuries - which will stop you from progressing because of the recovery period.
And please, have fun ! do you. There is no urge to learn anything, no need to skate like anyone else. Enjoy yourself and love the process.

What is your favorite Longboard move?
Cindy: I love pirouette so much ! It reminds me of little Cindy going to classic dance classes.

Which Longboard move was the most challenging for you?
Cindy: Haha, easy answer! The FK bigspin. It took me 2 sessions to learn about it. But more than 2 years to recover from it (broke my meniscus because of trying too hard). But the feeling after landing it is unreal. Would do it again.

What other sports do you do besides longboarding?
Cindy: I mostly walk and work out (pilates / weights lifting).

What is the biggest longboard project that you have ever dreamed of?
Cindy: I always wanted to travel to asian spots like Korea or Japan and meet the local riders. The scenery there is so magical ! I think some content with sakura background would look perfect.

As a team rider yourself, can you give us some detailed info on Rebirth Longboard
Cindy: I would say Rebirth Longboard team is very kind and understanding. I have not skate for almost a year but they trust on my recovery and I wish to come back stronger so they know thay did the right choice choosing me as one of the European riders.

To sum it up, what would you like to say to Turk Longboard members about Longboarding?
Pavel: I love to see more communities growing around the world. I wish I can spread more love and kindness because the longboard family brought me so much joy and taught me precious values. So keep spreading the good energy and have full all together. Thanks for having me and take care of yourself. I know you are doing your best.

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