Is Longboard Dangerous?


Is Longboard Dangerous?

Longboard is extreme sport and, like any extreme sport, Longboard is a sport with dangers. If the necessary precautions are not taken enough, the results can be bad. Especially those who deal with Downhill and Freestyle should pay attention to these.

First of all, if you are flexible, it will always be an advantage for you. Especially if you are a Freestyle user, ankle twists while moving or losing your balance and can save you from possible injuries during an adverse fall during a fall. If your foot was off the board while jumping from somewhere and you fell on your wrist, get well soon, my friend's ankle was sprained like this, if you are lucky, you may not be so lucky when it comes to you again. Practical in another important situation. The more practice, the less accidents. It's important to check out the longboard well if you don't have someone to get help with when you first start, your learning process will be a bit long. Do not be enthusiastic and try to try the moves you have just learned from high places, try it after you fully understand it, otherwise bad accidents may happen to you. If you are a good skater, you will learn better and faster, tell you your mistakes and protect you from bad situations.

If you can attend the weekly meetings of Turkish Longboard during the season, we can help you in all matters. Do not neglect to put on your protection equipment. If you are a downhill driver, do not be fooled by videos and go naked (without equipment). For me, the most dangerous type of Longboard is downhill (I say it as a downhill rider) I have seen too many accidents and experienced myself. It is very important in experience, of course, knowing how to fall will bring you great things.

Nothing matters to your life. You can do this sport safely as you take precautions. Remember, American doctors say that basketball is a safer sport, even board sports such as Skateboarding and Longboarding.



Author: Behlül Doğruer @behlll