What is the difference between Longboard and Skateboard?


Both are rooted in surfing. People engaged in surfing used to attach Trucks of Quad Skates to Surfboards to be able to surf on land when they could not find waves.

Surf shop owner Bill Richards wanted to tackle this event and found a company that made his custom wheelsets. After his work in his shop, he produced the modern designed Oldskool board in 1958. Larry Stevenson founded the first professional skateboard brand and team called "Makaha", which was designed and produced by himself. Thus, this sport became popular among people.

Don't forget legends like Rudney Mullen and Tony Hawk. From my point of view, Rudney Mullen is one of the best in terms of freestyle inventing skateboarding moves and also owns the "Almost" skateboard brand. Tony Hawk is an amazing skateboarder that I never give up on skate games. Despite the old age, the man is still gliding very well. I came across his stories from time to time on his Instagram account, of course, without forgetting, the owner of the "Birdhouse" brand.

Skateboarding is very difficult based on movement, and Longboard is actually a huge mistake for those who say it is simpler and safer for travel. Because when you look at it, the Longboard is divided into 5 Styles. Of these styles, Downhill and Freestyle are the most dangerous. Imagine you are on a board where you reach a speed of 100 km or you are jumping from a step with a Longboard. I think these are not easy at all .. Skateboard ramp and street styles are both difficult, but in these sports it is not a correct word to say one is easy and one is difficult. Every sport has its own difficulties.

Longboard and Skateboard I will examine all the different materials between them one by one and share them with you.


Skateboard wheels are small and hard. Longboard wheels are wide and soft. There are serious differences between a 50mm 100A skateboard wheel and a 70mm 78A Longboard wheel. Let's imagine we are crusing on the beach. In one step we get more roads with Longboard wheels because they are big. If we want to move briskly, if we are going to do hard slalom, we need a smaller wheel for that, of course, more steps to accelerate.


We can say that there is a difference in size between skateboard trucks and Longboard trucks. Logically they are very similar to each other, but one carries the big and the other small wheels. Another point to note is Skateboard trucks face inwards. A standard multi-truck for a longboard always faces outwards.


The same bearings are used, there is not much difference.


Skateboard boards have sizes such as 8.0, 7.8. Board shapes change according to the styles on the longboard. Downhill boards are heavier, Freestyle boards are longer with their nose and tail, and dance boards range from 48 inches to 52 inches or even longer.


If you are going to attach the riser pad, the dimensions of these screws vary for skateboard and longboard.


Longboard sanders can be thick enough to cut your hand if you are going downhill, similar to skateboard sanders in Freestyle. Most dance boards only have sandpaper on the tail (back) and nose (front) part. Generally standard in skateboard.

I tried to explain to you the comparison with the materials in general. Since these sports are seen as culture abroad, they do not actually distinguish between Skateboard and Longboard. For them, we are all called SKATER. Skate = RollerSkate, Skateboard = SkateBoard, Longboard = SkateLong is actually not distinction. It would not be wrong to say that they are all gathered under the name Skate.

When it comes to 2010, a new concept competition called "Street League Skateboarding (SLS)" is held, where only professional athletes can participate and the winning athletes win more and more prize money every year. With this competition, skateboarders become as famous as football and baseball athletes and become athletes who promote skateboarding worldwide. In 2017, skateboarding was accepted as a globally recognized and valid sport branch by the International Olympic Committee and included in the Olympic Games to take part in the "Tokyo Olympic Games", the first of which will take place in 2020.

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Author: Enfal Altar Ç. @enfalaltarc

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