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The Longboard Story of Mikdat Anıl Balta

mikdat anil balta bu senin hikayen

Hello! I'm Mikdat Anil Balta. I live in the Akcaabat district of Trabzon.

I continue my education in Trabzon. I met skateboarding for the first time by trying a friend's skateboard. At that moment it felt like I would never be able to do it, but I never gave up. I even started learning on my own within 2 weeks.

As time passed, Enfal Altar Ç. I found his channel, I started to try the movements there, so I had movements that I could do now, my favorite of course was pivot and manual on my huge board, and then I started learning cross feet style movements. While I wanted to improve in the field of dance, I suddenly found myself at the top of the hill with the influence of my friend and started learning downhill, then I fell in love with this sport.

I registered to the group, I was accepted in the same week, the people were very friendly and helpful. Even though I was shy at first, I convinced my friends to join here and I founded the Trabzon skateboard club, then the turklongboard team did not have a Trabzon representative and I applied for the representation. even.

After a few processes, I was now a representative. This gave me a chance to be known more. I started to talk about turklongboard to the people around me, I invited everyone I saw to try skateboarding at least once. In this way, we increased our number from 2 people to over 30 in 2 years. I have made many friends during this process. We had fun together, we toured, we did city-wide belts…

I currently use my longboard for transportation, to school, to travel, to vacation; Wherever I go, my board is always with me

Since last year, I felt closer to the skate area and I do street skating next to the longboard, both give me great pleasure and this pleasure will continue until I die.

As you can see, life can bring unbelievable surprises to you when you least expect it. All you have to do is make good use of these opportunities 😉

Thank you everyone for reading, this is my skateboarding adventure, why not yours too?

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