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Steven Meketa Interview


We asked Steven Meketa from Southern California, USA, the questions that you are curious about.

Could you briefly introduce yourself to us? Where were you born and what are you doing as a proffession?
Steven: Hello my name is Steven Meketa. I a 50 year old professional skogger and trainer. Skogging is skateboarding + jogging =Skogging Skogging was developed by legendary skateboard hall of fame skater Chris Yandall. I’m married to an amazing woman Megan and we have 2 amazing kids. We live in Southern California. I also do vocals for the band apartment 213

What inspired you to start this sport?
I started skateboarding around 8 years old but it wasn’t until 2011 that I started Skogging. I started Skogging after healing up after having abdominal surgery to remove cancer. This obviously changed my life and Skogging helps me remain healthy and alive!

What is your favorite style of Longboard and what are your favorite brands for it?
Steven: Great question. I love camber back pintail longboards. The board must have flex and deep wheel well cuts. I solely push for industry masters Shark Wheel!! I pushed drop through and drop down boards and I really like them but for me and my skog style I push PinSkogs (pintails)

What are your thoughts on Longboard, Skateboarding and Surfing sports in your country?
Steven: The scenes in the US are thriving. Regardless of what stock market followers say. Board sports are doing great!!

What is your advice to Turk Longboard members and newcomers to the sport?
Steven: Practice daily! Practice on grass and or carpet. Get your balance perfected then hit the concrete! Have FUN!!

Steven Meketa Social Media Account
Steven Skogger Meketa (@stevenskoggermeketa)

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