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Skateboard Brands Sold in Turkey


There are distributorships of professional skateboard brands in Turkey.

Our advice to you is to stay away from skateboard sets produced in second-class factories or sold at reasonable price ranges called stationery products.

If you want to experience the sport of skateboarding comfortably, you should choose professional skateboard brands that produce quality and special production for the style of skateboard you choose.

In this way, you will develop faster in skateboarding. Don't forget to buy a good helmet and protection equipment, along with a good skateboard!

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We recommend that you become a member of the Turk Longboard Community before purchasing your board.

Brand: Primitive

Primitives skate logo

primitive kaykay

Model in Photo: Primitive 8.25 inch Dirty P Creation Skateboard

Brand: Mini Logo

mini logo

mini logo kaykay

Model in Photo: Mini Logo Poison Lion Fish 7.75 inch Skateboard

Brand: Gang


gang kaykay

Model in Photo: Gang 8.0 inch WTH Deck Skateboard

Brand: Horn

horn skateboard

horn kaykay

Model in Photo: Horn Classic Logo Rasta 8.0 inch Skateboard

Brand: Powell

powel peralta kaykay

powell peralta kaykay

Model in Photo: Powell Peralta 7.0 inch Winged Ripper Pink Birch Skateboard

Brand: Lurkville

lurkville usa logo

lurkville kaykay

Model Pictured: Lurkville 8.0 inch White Clear Skateboard

Brand: Boulevard

boulevard kaykay

blvd skateboard

Model in Photo: BLVD 8.0 inch Pattern Yellow Skateboard

Brand: Stereo

stereo logo

yoshi kaykay

Model in Photo: Stereo 7.75 inch Arrows Yoshi Skateboard

Brand: Impala

impala kaykay

impala skateboard

Model in Photo: Impala Skate 8.25 inch Cosmos Pink Skateboard

Brand: Element

element logo

elements kaykay

Model Pictured: Element Section Pre-Built 7.75-inch Skateboard

Brand: Blind

blind logo

blind kaykay

Model in Photo: Blind 8.0 inch Og Ripped Multi Skateboard

Brand: Almost

almost skateboard

kaykay almost

Model in Photo: Almost 7.75 inch Dark Knight Returns Skateboard

Brand: Enjoi

enjoi skateboard

enjoi kaykay

Model in Photo: Enjoi 8.0 inch Abduction Gitd Black Premium Skateboard

Brand: Cliche

cliche skateboard

cliche kaykay

Model in Photo: Cliche 8.125 inch Botanical Charcoal Skateboard

Brand: Monarch Project

monarch logo

monarch skateboard

Model in Photo: Monarch Project Leticia Bufoni Horus Premium Black 8.3" Skateboard

Brand: Rad

rad skateboard logo

rad skateboard

Model in Photo: Rad 8.0 inch Checkers Dude Crew Rasta Fade Skateboard

Brand: Habitat

habitat kaykay logo

habitat skateboard

Model in Photo: Habitat 8.25 inch Pod Burgandy Skateboard

Brand: Alien Workshop

alien workshop kaykay

alien workshop

Model in Photo: Alien Workshop 8.25 inch Abduction Army Skateboard

Brand: Speed ​​Demons

speed demons

speed demonds kaykay

Model in Photo: Speed ​​Demons 7.5 inch Paintballer Multi Skateboard

Brand: Darkstar

darkstar kaykay


Model in Photo: Darkstar 8.0 inch Anthology Ax Blue Premium Skateboard

Brand: Zoo York

zoo york logo

zoo york kaykay

Model Pictured: Zoo York 8.0 inch OG 95 Crackerjack Black Skateboard

Brand: Pow

pow kaykay

pow skateboard

Model in Photo: Pow Supply Co 8.0 inch Tiger Candy Skateboard

Brand: Santa Cruz


santa cruz kaykay

Model in Photo: Santa Cruz 7.5 inch Rad Dot Micro Skateboard

Brand: Creature

creature skateboard logo

creature skateboard

Model in Photo: Creature 8.25 inch Logo Outline Skateboard

Brand: Creature

dgk skateboard

dgk kaykay

Model in Photo: Dgk 8.0 inch Vacation Skateboard

Brand: Sk8Mafia

dgk skateboard

skatemafia kaykay

Model in Photo: Sk8Mafia 8.0 inch Og Logo Bengal Skateboard

Brand: Jart

jart skateboard

jart kaykay 1

Model in Photo: Jart 8.0 inch Sculptural Skateboard

Brand: Ala Skateboards

ala skateboard

ala kaykay

Model in Photo: HUMANOID x79 | Ala x MG Collection 8.0 inch Skateboard

Brand: Flip

flip skateboard

flip kaykay

Model in photo: Flip 8.25 inch Team Mash Skateboard

Brand: Oxelo


Model in Photo: 7.5 inch Geometric CP100 MID Skateboard

Brand: Madness

madness kaykay

madness skateboarding

Model in Photo: Madness 8.38" Finally Super Handle Slick R7

Brand: Madness


globe kaykay

Model in Photo: Goodstock Neon 8.0-inch Yellow Skateboard

Brand: Ghetto Factory

getto fabrika kaykay

getto kaykay

Model in Photo: Fingerprint Board 8.0 inch

Brand: Quiksilver


quicksilver kaykay

Model in Photo: Rider 9.0 inch skateboard

Brand: Noire

noire skateboarding

noire kaykay

Model in Photo: Splash 2.0 Skateboard 8.0 inch

Brand: Plan B

plan b skateboard

plan b kaykay

Model Pictured: Plan B 8.25-inch Hawaii Skateboard

You can do longboard price research and buy longboard materials easily from any skateshop or online skateboard shops in Turkey.