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Is There a Hoverboard?


There is a Hoverboard, but it is not practical. Superconductors operating at room temperature were not produced. The hoverboard, which has been engraved in everyone's memory with the movie Back to the Future, has recently become the agenda again. Lexus' hoverboard "Slide" is powered by liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors and permanent magnets. The container inside the skateboard contains liquid nitrogen, which is expensive to produce and requires special safety precautions during filling. Liquid nitrogen cools the magnets on the skateboard, which gives them superconductivity. However, liquid nitrogen evaporates within a maximum of 30 minutes and loses its effectiveness. So the hoverboard is not long lasting.


Back to the Future Movie

Arx Pax company had raised $510k in a short time on Kickstarter for hoverboarding. The company will launch a hoverboard that can be used by everyone, but the release date of the product is not yet known.

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