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The Longboard Story of Utku Efe


Hello dear longboard and skateboard lovers

I'm Utku Efe. I live in different cities of Istanbul and Kayseri. I'm going to high school.
I was born in Kayseri and grew up in Kayseri. In 2022, I started to reside in Istanbul for education.
I was very interested in cycling and I was cycling almost every day. In 2020, I took a break from this sport and during those days we spent at home, my friend and I became interested in skateboarding.
Later in the summer, we bought a skateboard and my skateboarding adventure started that way.

My friend bought the first skateboard, and at first I said I couldn't ride like everyone else, but I learned a lot during that day. After that day
I started researching to buy myself a skateboard and during my research I came across Turkish Longboard and Enfal brother.
After watching Enfal Altar's videos for a day, I decided to buy the skateboard and ordered it. I have the board in a short time
I reached the beach and ran to the beach without waiting, the first day I just skied on the Küçükyalı beach, I got bored right away and the establishment in Caddebostan
I set out to the blue area in our place, Caddesibostan, I arrived in about half an hour and I had a lot of fun there that day. in a few months
I recorded in Kayseri and organized a workshop in my own school, it went very well, I was very happy to skate longboard during this time.
My transfer to school was approved and we went to Istanbul. It was Wednesday and I was at school. I saw the story of brother Anfal at the school that day.
He had stated that it would happen. I decided to go and meet him. After school, I went to the field with excitement.

He was there when I went. I told him about the workshop I did before and I tagged him in a few of my stories.
He remembered the workshop anyway, actually a few months ago, I wouldn't believe if they told me that you will meet brother Enfal, but now we met and I have Turk Longboard
My real adventure with the team began. Before long, I also started to practice movement. My first movement was the cross step and I continued to learn more movements gradually.

Right now, I'm mostly dancing and freestyle in Istanbul, and I prefer a little more skate or old scool longboard in Kayseri. Don't forget skateboarding everywhere
You can skate longboard, you can slide this feeling, I recommend this pleasure to all of you. Regarding our athletes and our team, I love this team very much, everyone.
very good excellent people very strong super team
I wish you more. Thank you to everyone who reads.

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