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Researching ways to surf on land and Snowboard’u taklit edebilecek fikirler üreten Loaded’ın sahipleri, 90’lı yılların başkında bir tutku olarak tahta üretmeye başladılar. Bir şirket kurma kararını Eylül 2000’de aldıktan sonra Longboard sektörünün önde gelen markalarından birinin sahibi olma yolunda yürümeye başladılar.

Türkiye’de LongboardThere is not much community about it and it is the best platform where you can try Loaded boards or reach the owners of many brand models. Turk Longboard CommunityStop. Outdoor Turkey can meet us at the event! Now let's come to my adventure to meet the Loaded Brand!

It was 2012's when I met the Loaded brand. I became interested in this sport in 2011, and when you research it, you usually always say what is the best, if you start researching it. This was not very difficult for me. When I entered the forum sites, the Loaded brand was mentioned everywhere. In 2012, I found a 2nd Hand Loaded Bhangra Dance board, it was a bit expensive, but I was patient, luckily that board was not sold for 3 months, officially it waited for me.I immediately contacted me, ran and bought the board, I only used that board until 2017. The first board I bought was always waiting for spare at home because now I have a Loaded brand. Longboard had.

On the evening of June 20, 2017, that evening at the beach Longboard I love that I get the sliding board I was very sorry I threw it cracked the front group a chance to chat with our first sponsorship that evening my offer and I have entered into Turkey Sector 9 team in the night. What happened afterwards was like a dream. Best of all was the Loaded brand market re-entry into Turkey in 2019. Keep in Turkey so they could not before the market because they are expensive. Buz24 store contacted me after announcing that they will bring Loadeds. I immediately accepted their proposals without even taking them into consideration. Sector 9 team in Turkey, I actually already attracted a lot of video separation actually was not that hard because I know I have to do more than he did for them. It is a great feeling to stay connected to a brand or a team for years, but Loaded was always in my dream.

After I got my sponsorship, my friends were as excited as I was. A large shooting crew was formed immediately and my welcome video was shot. If you wonder about my video CLICK

There is only one reason the Loaded brand is expensive is QUALITY. Other brands of this quality are not as popular as Loaded in those who don't have much, they are usually handmade.

Well, have you wondered about the models of Loaded brand, which left its mark on the sector with models like Bhangra? Here I am introducing you the models of 2020!

For TARAB - Detailed Product Review Video Click
Loaded Tarab, Dance and Freestyle style athletes created for the Nose and Tail part is an equal model.

BHANGRA - For Detailed Product Review Video Click
Loaded Bhangra is a model created for dance and Freestyle style athletes with more kick distance in the Tail section.

DERVISH SAMA - For Detailed Product Review Video Click
Loaded Dervish Sama is Drop Trough and is a complete carving machine. Made for style lovers like Crusing and Slalom.

For ICARUS - Detailed Product Review Video Click
Loaded Icarus is a performance Longboard created for snowboard style carving, pump, freeride, freestyle and alternative transport in the city.

BASALT TESSERACT - For Detailed Product Review Video Click
The Loaded Basalt Tesseract is a favorite among downhill or freeride riders.

For TAN TIEN - Detailed Product Review Video Click
Loaded Tan Tien is my recommendation for athletes who want to do Carving and Pump. It is more classic than Icarus or Dervish Sama. I have friends who have been using Tan Tien for years, they never changed it, using this model only depends on this model, as far as I understand.

Overland - For Detailed Product Review Video Click
Loaded Overland is a Longboard they prefer for both freestyle and crusing on the street.

Poke - For Detailed Product Review Video Click
I can say that Loaded Poke is a small surf simulation board that can fit in the trunk of your Vespa style motorcycles. In addition to being tiny, it has a wonderful crusing board, the model I studied was the surf simulation one I saw with a friend who bought Loaded Poke from Spain.

Apart from these models, there are Coyote, Omakase, Chubby Unicorn, Cantellated, Fattail, Motherboard, Vanguard and Truncated Tesseract models. If you are curious about this amazing collection, to examine all boards in detail Loaded Boards You can visit the site. buy from Turkey or if you want to test Buz24 mağazaları sizleri bekliyor!

Author: Enfal Altar Ç. @enfalaltarc