Pua Design special to surfing culture from Ebru Mutlu


Pua Design for surfing culture from our member Ebru Mutlu!

We had a short conversation with Ebru Mutlu, one of our Turkish Longboard members, about Pua Design. Here is a new brand Pua Design with all the details.

Hello Ebru. First of all, can you tell us a little bit about Pua Design.

Pua got its name from a specific flower name for Hawaii. As a brand, although it emerges by producing jewelry that is actually fed by surfing, skateboarding and longboard culture, it will soon provide product variety with accessories that are identified with different sports and lifestyle. Let them be a surprise for now.

pua design 5

Did the sports you deal with have an impact on the Pua brand?

I am closely interested in outdoor and adrenaline sports, and I am remotely or closely interested in many sports. If we list it as sports and hobby, there are branches such as sailing, diving, wave surfing, windsurfing, skateboarding, longboarding, skiing. Most active I am surfing and sailing. I have a license in these two branches and I am competing. In order to provide flexibility and fitness in the sports I do, I regularly reformer and dance latin constantly. We can say that Pua's starting point is completely his interests in my life. I love producing and designing from a young age, and your interests somehow nurture your creativity. As a result, Pua is born.

What does Pua produce and what goals does it have in the future, what are the materials used?

Pua has a minimal style and takes its greatest inspiration from nature. We are currently designing wooden necklaces inspired by surfboards and skateboards. In addition to these, we have designed different types of accessory products, and we will launch them very soon. Pua's philosophy is also his motto, Live Your Life In The Moment! comes from the thought. It appeals to people who live life to the fullest and discover the simple beauties of the moment. This is why Pua is living in the present and will be shaped accordingly. But of course, they have goals, it seems that we will take care of clothing products that complement the Pua style in the future.

pua design 2

Can special production Pua's be made?

We have some priorities for special production Pua's. We can design special series by collaborating or in multiple productions without going beyond our own brand character.

pua design

Finally, where can we follow the Pua Design brand and how can we place our orders?

It is very easy to reach us from our Instagram account @pua_design social media account.

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