Unknown Things About Fingerboard


Fingerboard, with the Turkish name Finger Skateboard, was first put on sale in the late 1960s as home-made finger toys and keychains in skates shops.

Fingerboard is the name given to the tiny replica of the real skateboard (scaled approximately (1: 8) where a person “skates” by imitating skateboarding movements with their fingers. Fingerboards are about 10 centimeters long and can have a variety of widths ranging from 29 to 33mm (or more). Skateboard movements are done using fingers instead of feet.

Fingerboard movements are inspired by movements made on real skateboards. Cam Fox Bryant is recognized as the first finger skateboarder, and Powell-Peralta's skit in the "Future Primitive" video was reflected in the press in the mid-1980s when skateboarders around the world finger surfed. Around the same time, he wrote an article in Trans World Skateboarding magazine called “How to make a fingerboard”.

Parmak Kaykay Hareketleri

Finger Skateboard has been an environmental part of the skateboarding industry since the 1980s. The first time we saw a handmade fingerboard production in Turkey was during late 2020. The first Turkish made fingerboard was produced by WOODENBLACKFINGERBOARDS. Fingerboard is actually the finger-sized version of the skateboards we know. Professional Finger Skateboards, on the other hand, they are made of real maple instead of plastic, compared to normal finger skateboards, they have tiny real bearings together with special trucks, it is more comfortable to do skateboard movements on professional finger skateboards because it has exactly the same concave.

Parmak Kaykay Enfal

It has become a very common sport where sponsorships are received and large organizations are organized around the world. It is possible to exhibit many movements performed in skateboard on finger skateboard. Since there was no comprehensive Turkish video about these tricks until a month ago; I made a YouTube series that explained fingerboard tricks in a simple and straightforward way. I have mentioned many beginner-intermediate level moves you can think of.

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