What is a Fingerboard?


What is a Fingerboard?

With the Turkish term, it is Finger Skateboard. It is the version of the skateboard we know, brought to the size of our hands. You can do all the movements you can do with the skateboard with your fingers, even in the reduced state of the ramps where you move with the skateboard.

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Fingerboard history
Finger skateboards were first created in the late 1960s as homemade finger toys and later sold as keychains in skateboard stores.
The finger skateboard has been an environmental part of the skateboard industry since the late 1980s and was originally marketed as Keychain. Somerville International's Fingerboard brand, founded in 1987, became the first company to mass-produce fingerboards with licensed real skateboard graphics with the launch of the Pro-Precision board.

Where can it be bought?
Although there are many brands in the world are only a few brands you can get in Turkey. Some of these are tech deck
Finger skateboards you can buy from epid fingerboards and second hand apps.

How to move
After you buy yourself a new fingerboard, there are many training-oriented videos on YouTube so that you can move around and you can do some exercises by watching the videos.

Author: Arda Onat - Founder of Fingerboard Turkey

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