Where to do Longboard Dancing in Istanbul?

longboard dancing istanbul

Longboard Dancing is usually held in Istanbul on the Anatolian side of the street or on the European side of Beşiktaş.

What is Longboard Dance

There is one of the dance moves, you turn around in an instant, the name of the movement is pirouette. You can do the same movement in Longboard dance style. The reasons for saying dance style is that you can take the board without stepping on the ground by dancing on it. Aesthetically beautiful images of this style emerge from the outside. The boards of athletes dealing with this style are very long. 52 inches are average dance board dimensions. Their wheels start with an average of 65mm, they usually use a 50 degree truck, but this can be changed according to demand, their bearings can be abec 7 or abec 5. They usually remove the middle of their sandpaper so that they can do their dance moves more easily. In this style, simply wearing a helmet may be sufficient. When you wear a knee pad or elbow brace, your dance moves can be limited. If you know how to fall, obviously falling in this style is not as dangerous as it seems, watch the falling techniques of freerunning people, these techniques will come in handy when you fall on a longboard.

What is Longboard Freestyle

Skateboard movements lie at the heart of the Freestyle style, which is one of the most popular styles of creativity on the street. It would not be wrong if you call people who do many movements on longboard as Freestyle longboard riders because movements such as 'shove it', 'nocomply', 'kickflip' are at their origin. One of the best longboard riders in this style can be said to be Carl Foster in Spain. I first learned the 'hippiejump' movement by watching it. Skateboarding is actually called Freestyle skater in legends like Rodney Mullen. Because some movements have been discovered by them. The boards used in this style are usually dance style boards because there are so many riders who combine the 2 styles. Of course, there are riders who use it on short boards like Cruiser style, but trying to freestyle with a downhill board will be very difficult for you. Their sanders can be just like normal skateboard sanders. The bearings can be chosen as abec 7 or abec 5. Choosing 50 degrees for the tricycle will make your job easier. It may be difficult for you to go above 65mm as a wheel.

Popular Longboard Freestyle and Dancing Areas

Caddebostan Painted Area


Address: Suadiye Mahallesi, Cetin Emec Blv. Istanbul Anatolian Side / Kadıköy

Beşiktaş Barbaros Square


Address: Sinanpaşa, Barbaros Blv. Istanbul European Side / Beşiktaş

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