How to Choose a Helmet for a Longboard?


If there's one thing you should never overlook, it's safety gear, and it's worth spending good money on it. Unlike street and park skaters, the longboard community as a whole encourages the use of helmets and other safety equipment as needed. You may not like wearing a helmet, other drivers may not give you the value you deserve or even belittle you.


Is longboarding dangerous?

This is a very straightforward question, and no matter how cautious, careful and experienced you may be, no matter what style you are skidding, it only takes a small pebble to fall down and hurt you. Drivers are falling down when a pebble is caught on a wheel, injuries from landings you misbehave while moving in the freestyle category are as dangerous, risky and deadly as street or park skating. Freestyle and downhill style injuries are more common when the rider is less experienced, so safety gear is highly recommended when sliding in these styles. Eventually, the more experienced the driver, the less likely these accidents will happen. You can tell your anxious parent that all you need is good safety gear and a little patience.


What are the safety certificates on helmets? what are they for ...

The most common certifications used in skateboard and skateboard helmets are CE, ASTM and CPSC. There are only three of them, you have no excuse not to know them.


Do not try to buy helmets cheaply, buy helmets from known brands, unlike other parts of your body, we recommend that you shop for your head, which only has one, considering that your body cannot work without it, and do whatever it takes to protect it.


Visual example of an ideal skateboard helmet:

A certified helmet with a protected back like this will do the trick.

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CE Standards (Conformité Européenne in French, European Conformity in English, European Conformity in Turkish)

CE marks show that the helmet meets the standards specified in the European Economic Community Directive. This directive is mandatory, so all helmets must be CE certified if they are to be sold in Europe. Look for a helmet that says 1078 next to the certificate shown below:

ASTM Standards

ASTM is an international organization of thousands of talented volunteers, including doctors, engineers, and physicists. ASTM sets the safety standard for many types of safety equipment; In the USA, it is common for protective sports equipment to be ASTM certified. You can search for "ASTM F1492" code and certification logo below for skateboard and longboard.


What are Aerolid helmets?

If you've been longboarding for a while, you may have heard or seen aerolides. Aerolid are full face helmets with hoods for greater aerodynamics. Most of the time, aerolids lack chin protection, making them not as safe as other full face helmets. Aerolids are for professionals only; It does not constitute abuse and is completely out of the price range for most intermediate to experienced drivers. They can be seen in known downhill events and IDF races. You can see an example below.

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