How to Choose Longboard Protection Equipment?


As you know, longboard is included in extreme sports.

The set of activities performed by adrenaline enthusiasts and the athletes should have a physical condition in general is called extreme sports.

Extreme sports, which are the choice of action and adventure lovers, contain a certain amount of danger compared to other sports.

Since we are doing a dangerous sport, our protection equipment must be strong, of good quality and definitely have certain certificates.

I use the Triple Eight or Ennui helmets. These helmets are "Professional" level helmets that can be used in various disciplines such as Street and Park in skateboard competitions. It is made of flexible plastic outside and hard styrofoam inside. There are specially designed helmets for Downhill, both expensive and I do not use those helmets because my style is Freestyle. So why are those helmets only used on downhill and whether there are changes in helmets and equipment according to styles, I will explain to you with my selection recommendations according to Longboard styles.

There are 5 styles in Longboard Sport.

1. Style Downhill
It is the most dangerous Longboard style. If you do not have the right equipment or enough experience, it is dangerous enough that the result can be fatal. In Downhill, it is not possible to brake after high speeds. That's why they brake with slide motion. Of course, brands that produce Longboards such as Scops this year started to produce Longboards with brake systems. In this way, it has become possible to stop on the board by pressing only the brake mechanism without taking the slide. You should definitely have a slide glove in hand when you slide. Of course, there are also slides in standing, but it will be safer for you to hold your board at high speeds and put your hand on the ground. I've had friends who take any motorcycle gloves and use them after sticking the puck you made from a cutting board, but professional brands' slide gloves are always better. When it comes to helmets, you should use helmets that cover your head, which we call full face, because you can hit your chin as soon as you fall, or half helmets will not be suitable because you will always have the risk of hitting any part of your head or face. It will be safer for you to wear the racing suits used by motorcycle athletes since you can go to the same motorcycle speed as Longboard Downhill style. If you are doing Freeride, it will be enough to wear a half helmet, knee pad, elbow pad and slide glove with jeans and a jacket on top of you because you do not go to very high speeds like Downhill. If you want to go to Downhill or Freeride at night, you should definitely wear a luminous vest. Otherwise, you can invite possible accidents.

2. Style (Slalom, Pumping or Carve)

It will be sufficient to wear a half helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and protective gloves.

3.Style (Freestyle)

My style is on Freestyle and Dance, so my general preference here is only half helmet and protective gloves when appropriate. Because it is a style based on continuous active movement, other equipment can prevent me from moving. Of course, I bear the consequences of possible accidents because I do not wear knee pads or elbow pads, but because I know fall techniques correctly, I have overcome accidents with minor abrasions. Because of the wood hitting my shin bone, there was severe swelling there to prevent it, I wear Triple Eight's Exoskin Kavallık protection.

4. Style (Dance)

For this style, it will be sufficient to wear a half helmet, knee pad, elbow pad and protective gloves. You can remove the knee pads or elbow pads if you think they are hindering your dance movements, but you should make sure you know the fall techniques correctly.

5.Style Cruising

For this style, it will be sufficient to wear a half helmet, knee pad, elbow pad and protective gloves. If you have a cruising idea in the evening, picking up a small flashlight or wearing equipment such as a luminous vest can save your life because sometimes when you go out on the asphalt, cars may not see you in the dark. The luminous vest will attract the attention of drivers.

Important warning!

The lifetime of your helmets is max 5 years. After 5 years, your helmet may lose its old protection structure due to wear. Nothing is precious to your life. Unfortunately, in this type of sports, people seek to learn by living rather than guessing some things with the motto of skate or die, it is not possible for them to understand the danger of the incident unless they have serious accidents, or when our friends who wear protective equipment in their bags usually say what will happen in our warnings, we say you understand.

You can hit your head anywhere, there is no guarantee that it also has no time in the boiler, it can come at any time.

Sometimes there are times when I just use a hat during shootings, but if there is no real risk and we have taken the necessary precautions, I wear it. Otherwise, I'm definitely wearing my white helmet. This may not make you look cool, but if you risk paralysis when you fall tomorrow, yes, you can slide your Longboard on the beach without a helmet, in a cool way. 😊

To the video where I explain the techniques to know how to fall in longboard sport CLICK Knowing how to fall and wearing your equipment consciously will always protect you from accidents. In major accidents, it will significantly reduce the damage you will receive compared to your fall without equipment.

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Author: Enfal Altar Ç. @enfalaltarc