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Longboard Athlete Pavel Valkov Interview

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We asked Longboard Athlete Pavel Valkov the questions that you are curious about.

Could you briefly introduce yourself to us? Where were you born and what are you doing as a profession?
My name is Pavel Valkov, I'm 18 years old, born in a small bulgarian town called Samokov. At the moment I'm living and studying in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. I study in The national art highschool "Iliq Petrov", majoring in graphic design.

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What influenced you to start longboard sport?
Pavel: Back in 2014 I participated in a small event in Samokov for longboarding and it was my first time, then for 2 years I had no interest in the sport. However, in 2016, while I was riding my bike, a girl overtook me with much larger speed than mine and then I decided that I wanted to get a longboard! My mother told me that if I finish 4th grade with high grade, they will buy me a longboard. So I did! My first longboard was drop true and initially I used it only for transportation, but after a while I saw a girl dancing on her board and doing a grab trick, so I decided to try too and from that day on I try to improve myself in this amazing sport every day.

What advice do you have for newcomers to longboarding?
Pavel: Every person that starts doing this sport need to know that it should be about having fun and there's nothing fearsome about it. There's a lot of practice and people need patience while trying to accomplish a goal they've set for themseslves. Personally, I think that to making a progress in the sport, is something that motivates me even more and serves as a reason to go ride every day. Every person finds different unique things in this activity!

What is your favorite Longboard move?
Pavel: I have heaps of favourite tricks and moves, but my best-loved one has always beem big spin cross land, it's not the most complex trick I can do, but it's not requiring for the trick to be greatly difficult to be first choice! And my preference for a dance step is probably chop pirouette 1080 degrees.

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What are your favorite longboard spots to skate?
Pavel: My favoured spot in Bulgaria is National Palace ot Culture (NDK) and Boris garden(for now). My dream and goal is to visit the spot on the Louvre and in some endless alley in California😍

Which Longboard move was the most challenging for you?
Pavel: The last trick I possibly gave months of hard work in trying to understand how to do it was pressure flip. At the moment, I'm not giving so much attention to learning hard tricks, but to upgrade my style and the combinations I create.

What other sports do you do besides longboarding?
Pavel: Outside of longboarding, I practise snowboarding for pleasure, when I have free time from doing homework and from projects with the longboard, of couse. I like training at home for stamina and building muscle mass as well.

What is the biggest longboard project that you have ever dreamed of?
Pavel: One of my biggest dreams for a project is to participate in longboarding as an Olympic sport. It doesn't matter if I participate as a jury or as a rider. If this happens it would be incredible for the sport and the community, because more people may like it and start doing it!

To sum it up, what would you like to say to Turk Longboard members about Longboarding?
Pavel: For the turk longboarders I would say that I would be more than happy to have the opportunity to visit your beautiful country to get to know it better and to ride with you guys:))

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