They're New to Longboards Here!


What a big board this is, wow! The friend is depressed when he reacts like this and then runs to his first sports store and sees the prices. You should read this post!

Firstly Longboard sport originated with the discovery by American surfers to experience surfing sensation on land. There are styles in which you can do the moves on the skateboard, too. So why are these boards so expensive? Is it because they're big? No. Certainly related to natural, affordable course in Turkey LongboardYou can find some, but imagine it as if you bought a Chinese cell phone that you have never heard of while there are known brands. How reliable can it be? Now it comes to mind, the underside is from point A to point B Longboard I'm going to slide, what this is 1 - 2 thousand TL prices, you're right, but FerrariJust as the pleasure and comfort of going from point A to point B with the latest model car of Longboarda professional Longboard The pleasure is not the same, the good thing is that professional boards in this sport cost only 1-2 thousand TL, not millions of dollars. Therefore, it is not very expensive to look for comfort and quality in this sport. Forget about the boards they are trying to sell to you as a beginner !!

You didn't listen to me, you bought a nice looking one for 300 TL Longboard Then this will happen to you, I was slipping, the bearing exploded. You went to skateshop, we saved 80 TL for a bearing, great! Now another on the beach road Longboard You will say that you will meet with athletes; If I try it, you will see how beautiful the board will look. You will say how smoothly this board is going. What happened? You went to Skateshop again… A good quality wheel 450 TL is ok! we saved. Then there is no need to spend such years in this sport, I say you will start to make small movements in 1-2 months, I do not say you will do it, you will try. This time you will say; trucks do not return, first you will seek a solution for this in Bushing, but this will not be a solution, and what happened? Where did you go again? To Skateshop? a beautiful truck min. 300 TL and that depends on the bargaining potential, let's say you made a good bargain. In the meantime, the period will pass 4-5 months and you will start to make 1-2 moves. It will start throwing pieces of wood and will not accept some of your movements due to the nature of the wood, more precisely, this is not a wooden board because you did not choose your style correctly. Yes yes you will go to the skateshop again. You will say; I would just buy a board, then they will say that this board is 800 TL. Look what happened. Now, at the end of the day, you bought your normal board for 300 TL. You spent 830 TL with the auxiliary equipment. It was 1 130 TL, and then you bought a board 1 930 TL.

In summary, my enthusiastic friend, who will just start this sport, you both suffered torture and unwittingly spent the money in 1 year without realizing it. Of course, I also thought of it as zero disability, so the protective equipment is also important. Can you guarantee me not to hit your head on the beach? Good Longboard you can slide, but what is the risk of someone who has just started a bike on the beach or two people with his girlfriend trying to get on a seagull (new electric scooters) and not crash on top of you? Do not take any chances by calculating these percentages, put on your helmet and I think you get a good helmet, put on protective gear. Because one day, if this happens to you, you will understand its importance very well. After all, when you rent a bike or gulls, they don't take you to the test just because you know your license or how well you know. Of course, these prices are according to the April 2020 dollar rate (7.00 TL). These prices can play.

I have some friends who have closed their jobs inexpensively without being exposed to this incident I mentioned above. There are second-hand sales sites, sometimes a very good quality LongboardYou can buy at an affordable price. Because there is a profile in this sport with great enthusiasm LongboardI took it and went to the beach 2-3 times and then exhibited the board on the wall for the remaining 5 years, and then I was 5 years. Longboard I was slipping and I love this profile that sells because I broke my arms and legs. Because if you say that the boards are incredibly beautiful and cheap, it is difficult to find the same, you may be glad to find an extinct species. Because the man's purpose of selling is usually because he takes up a lot of space at home. Therefore, if the price is 300 TL, he can give it less than half the price. As long as the board is out of hand. You can try this but I don't know how many years you can wait.

I know you are puffed up while reading, but if you act without thinking about them, you will have a beautiful graphic and a perfect looking Longboard I am sharing these events with you so that it does not turn into torture for you. So what's your advice? I can hear you ask, my advice is definitely watch YouTube videos (you can check my YouTube channel more than 200 Longboard I have a video) Used there LongboardResearch their brands, search professional team athletes, look at their boards, most importantly, determine your style. Because there are 5 styles, you cannot make the right choice in this sport. I saw people who had to buy a professional board again, and the man is trying to do crusing with a downhill board, which I think is a torture, if this friend chooses the downhill style and loves it, it is a separate issue if he has a downhill board, but he will never go to the slopes throughout his life and only proceed in cruiser style It is not right for someone to get a downhill board.

I have determined my style, if you say that I will progress in this style, a good helmet at first, then a good Longboard Let's say and I will not say run to skateshop, I will give a tip about what you need to do here. Türk Longboard to the community Become a member or target communities like this. Tell them that you would like to go to their events and start this sport, and also try the board of the athlete you met, I do not think they will snub. I will help you! You succeeded and tried, try to get on that board without fear, if you are too scared, it may be difficult to do this sport. Destroy your prejudices, don't be afraid of falling! I'm sure the people at the events will be experienced in falling. Ask them LongboardHow do you protect yourself from thought? Many of them will delightfully share their memories with you. At that time, you will have made the right choice. Don't you have money? Collect? They say it will be a lake drop by drop, I will say it is a patient dervish, even if you say it cannot be accumulated, you will certainly achieve your wish.

Now you have to pay attention to what you need to do after you have arrived, first of all this is a sport and you should pay attention to your eating and drinking, as well as the periods you use it. Especially in the first year, my leg hurts in the first week, I guess I was injured, these are natural because many muscles in your body that you do not know actually work and get tired. So my advice is to ski for 2 days, rest for 1 day and do not do any sports activity within 1 day of that rest. ‘‘All Day Every Day’’ You can slide every day as we say. There will be movements or techniques that you cannot figure out. Think about them. My 9 years have passed in this sport and now as a professional Buz24 Loaded I am a sponsored athlete in his team and I am still alive, but I cannot do it, I do not say it is not happening, I practice a lot. As you practice in this sport, you start to dominate your board after a while and even not look at the board below you while you slide.

Finally, although the plastic boards are hard to break, I do not recommend them. The dough of this work is WOODEN!

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Writer: Enfal Altar Ç.