Unknown Features of the Longboard


There are some materials for the Longboard that it is not known exactly what it does, and there are some materials that will actually work for you, but you cannot buy it because you do not know or put it aside.

Speed ​​Ring: Speed ​​Ring

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Speed ​​Rings are placed to prevent damage to the bearing from getting stuck between the truck and the nut when you tighten your nuts while mounting your bearings on the trucks, and they are placed to prevent it from affecting the speed. Because while the Longboard slides, that nut may start to get stuck without you realizing it, or the bearing may be damaged due to this compression because you tighten it too much. To take full advantage of it, you need to attach 8 speed rings to a total of 4 wheels, one at the point where the wheel of the Longboard meets the nut and the bearing, and one at the other point where the wheel meets the bearing and the truck.

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When you remove your longboard wheels, the short cylindrical hollow pipes that come out are called spacers. There are also models attached to the spacers used to balance your bearing. Especially when shooting slides or doing Freestyle movements, having these spacers will contribute to the longer life of your bearings and a more balanced wheel.
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Longboard is the foot holders placed on the screws in the front to increase the control over the board for the athletes who are dealing with the downhill / freeride style. Although it is specially produced, you can do it yourself by putting an extra hard bushing and flakes on it.


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It is used to prevent your longboard board from cracking. Screws of some Longboard brands can be self-scaled, a situation that you should be careful about especially with drop-through boards. Top mount models need to place the drop-throughs from the top and the washers from the bottom. You can find 8 washers suitable for your screws at very affordable prices from any hardware store.

Riser Pads and Shock Pads:

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The feature of these plastics you place between your truck and your board, for example, thanks to the riser pads, your board rises and the risk of wheel bite decreases, and the angle riser pad changes the angle of your trucks, especially athletes who wear longboard trucks on their skateboard need these angled riser pads. Shock pads reduce the shock while you are doing freestyle movements. Riser and Shock Pad products are sold together, of course, but some athletes do not prefer to use such pads, but if the riser pad is installed on the board you will buy completely, do not remove it because as I said, wheel bite means that the wheel will rub you on the board and suddenly throw you the board. It may be installed to prevent.

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Author: Enfal Altar Ç. @enfalaltarc

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