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NorthernSun Boards Nedir? Dalga Sörfçüsü Tarkan Kutup State Certified Mecanical Engineer for Project and Development bölümü mezunudur. Eğitim ve iş hayatını Almanya’da sürdürürken farklı spor dallarına ilgi ve faaliyet gösterirken 90’ların ortalarında dalga sörfüyle tanıştı.

He has surfed in Germany, Venezuela, France, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Turkey and Australia. In order not to stay away from the surf, he started training on land with 1 meter Street Longboards. When he couldn't get the feeling he wanted, he made his first 1.90m longboard with his own hands by doing R&D studies.

NorthernSun Boards

He continued to make surfboards on land, along with wave surfboards, by R&D and urging many boards, shapes and types. This is how the Northern Sun Handmade Kingsize Board's brand was established.
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The expansion of the words that make up the brand name is; Northern Sun He assumes that he brought the sun to the north with this organization, even if the sun does not rise or set in the north, or the sun never passes from the north. The longest board used only by kings in the history of Polynesia, the origin of the surf, is called "Olo Board". It is known that the kings have their own special surf spots (Spot: The place where the wave is suitable for surf.)

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Tarkan is in Turkish Longboard Management and coaches many professional Longboard athletes such as Turk Longboard Team Riders and Enfal Altar.

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