How to Choose a Bearing?


Longboard Bearings, skate same size as bearings. That's why skate you just bought the bearings Longboard You can use it on wheels. The bearings we use are '' 608zz '' 8x22x7mm. You can reach the same bearing by saying this code in Industry. So why do we Longboard we use bearings of brands? Because the bearings are divided into 2 with and without cover. If we remove the covers of the bearings without cover, we may not be able to reattach them or they may come out. Industrial bearings are also generally uncovered bearings and Longboard The focus of its brands' bearings is entirely Longboard industrial bearing wheels Longboard may not give the performance of the bearings of their brands. Bearings are divided into Abec numbers. Annular is the abbreviation of Bearing Engineering Committee 'ABEC'. ABEC is a classification system for the production of ball bearings in ABEC grades. Bearing manufacturers can produce bearings in a minimum ABEC 1 class.

Bearings ABEC 1, ABEC 3 - 5 - 7 - 9 and Swiss without ABEC value are produced as ceramic. In addition, some brands produce special series bearings if they do not specify ABEC value or Swiss, ceramic, they are ABEC 5 value. Bearings sold under the name Abec 11 are not Abec11, it is a brand, the bearing you bought has the abec11 brand logo, but the bearing may be abec 7. ABEC 5 - 7 is generally preferred for skateboards. Durability of Longboard Bearings can vary according to the cycles they can do and the materials used on them. (Outer ring Swiss steel, steel, inner frame aluminum, Teflon etc.)

ABEC 1: Can make an average of 32 to 38 thousand cycles
ABEC 3: It can make an average of 38 to 48 thousand cycles. (fast but not resistant to impact)
ABEC 5: It can make an average of 42 to 55 thousand cycles. (fluid and very impact resistant)
ABEC 7: It can make 54 to 68 thousand cycles on average. (fluid and impact resistant)
ABEC 9: It can make an average of 64 to 80 thousand cycles.

Swiss Bearings (bearing): They are bearings made of Swiss steel and have a longer lifetime than bearings made of normal steel.
Ceramic Bearing: Balls inside ceramic bearings are made of ceramic. Ceramic can withstand high cycles, does not hold dust and does not heat, so they are much more fluid and long-lasting. That's why Longboard or the place of Ceramic bearing is different in Skateboard, of course, the prices due to this difference may also differ from there. Replacing bearings every month is both costly and a very unnecessary expense as long as you know how to clean them.

Longboard You can choose according to the Styles when choosing bearings. Longboard We have 5 Styles for. I will share with you my own choices based on these styles.

1. Downhill / Freeride ( Swiss veya Seramik Rulman )

2. Freestyle (Abec 5 Bearing)

3. Slalom / Pumping / Carving (Abec 7 or Swiss)

4. Dance  (Abec 7 Bearing)

5. Cruiser  (Abec 5 Bearing)

For the video I took about bearing cleaning CLICK 

We see these days as cleaning products bearing cleaning kits in Skate Shop in Turkey. It may be more right for you to get the bearing cleaning kits out there.

Author: Enfal Altar Ç. @enfalaltarc

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