How Cool is the Tony Hawk


Tony Hawk posted the first video of his collaboration with automaker Mercedes-Benz on his Twitter account on Monday, May 10, "How cool isn't it?" published under the title. At the same time, Mercedes was revealing the concept car for the T-Class of the future.


In the ad, Hawk is seen doing what he knows best in the city on an electric longboard. Everyone who watches the ad is shocked to see him go on an electric ride. A man doing gardening outside pauses to ask Hawk why he switched to electrical power. "I have reasons," Hawk replies before opening his garage door just to show us his new Mercedes. The clip continues with her returning to the skate park.

The vehicle, which officially came out of the German automaker's garage on the day Hawk posted the video on Twitter, was presented to the American audience on this occasion. Comes with a new feature for any skateboard fan; It can charge the e-skateboard in its trunk. "How cool isn't it?"

The brand plans to launch the EQT Concept and the future T-Series next year. This electric vehicle is the first luxury vehicle to allow the company to expand its portfolio of Mercedes-Benz vehicles in 2022.

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