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Interview with Wave Surfer Ergun Senbas, Founder of Tula Surf House Istanbul

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We asked the founder of Tula Surf House Istanbul, Wave Surfer Ergun Şenbaş, the questions that you are curious about.

Could you briefly introduce yourself to us? Where were you born and what are you doing as a profession?
I was born in Istanbul, Üsküdar. I graduated from Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Graphic Design Department. I have been surfing in Turkey for 13 years. With the MSGSÜ Surf Club, which I founded, we discovered many surfing spots in the western black sea and mediterranean regions with the facilities we created within the university. We offered many students the opportunity to introduce surfing and surf training. this process took place in the first place using surfboards that I produced myself. Thanks to the training and excursion activities we did at MSGSÜ SURF Club, I had the opportunity to both expand and develop the sport of surfing. Now we are doing surfboard and surfing trainings in Şile under the name of Tula Surf.

Tula Surf House

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Address: Marin Hotel Sergeant, Sile Holiday Village Istanbul / Sile
Contact: +90 533 335 45 97

What inspired you to start wave surfing?
Ergun: With the opportunity of living on the Black Sea coast, I have always been close to the sea, I made my first start in surfing with the via culture, which is a tradition known to almost everyone who has lived in the coastal regions, especially on the Black Sea coast. Viya can be defined as a physical activity that is done by joining the wave with only body movement from the point where the wave approaching the beach breaks on a shallow rock, generally on a fixed rock, and gliding in the water with wave energy. Since I was 10 years old, I have been interested in water sports as an amateur, so I had the opportunity to try new sports. We were always trying various boards as an alternative to body surfing, then I tried body boards for a while. I learned to catch waves from longer distances with the body board, which is a type of surfing without standing up using fins and shortboards. The advantages of using a surfboard compared to viya (body surfing) are the ease of catching the wave, the mobility while riding and of course the safety.

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What are the spots you can recommend about wave surfing?
Ergun: Especially for beginners and those who want to progress, there are waves on the western Black Sea coasts of İğneada, Karaburun, Şile, Kandıra, Karasu and Sinop, Ordu, Kastamonu, on average every week. In the Mediterranean, Alanya, Konyaaltı, Side, Kemer are the places where beautiful waves meet according to my time. Apart from these, there are many surfing spots in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean that we do not know. Waves formed due to winds and storms gain size and speed according to the strength and distance of the winds. The most important factor in the formation of the wave is the bottom structure and the shape of the beaches.

What are your thoughts on Robert Kelly Slater and Joel Tudor?
Ergun: Kely Slater is a professional surfer in history with the most titles and is still successful despite his advancing age. His surfing style and flow of movements are perfected and exemplary to bring success in power and control competitions. He always pushes the limits in shortboard races and develops surfboards in order to try the best, tries details that will make a difference with very fine calculations, for example, using a 4-fin fin system on the shortboard and using a less preferred fin model is considered a great innovation in races. Joel tudor, on the other hand, has success in competitions in the Longboard category, as he is a longboard master. in the comfort of the perfection of his style in his driving and always being able to apply innovative and radical movements in his own way.

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Are there any surfers that I can recommend to follow, if any, who are they?
Ergun: There are many surfers, but among them Rob Machado, Torren Martyn, Kepa Acero and racers Italo Ferrera are some of the surfers whose style I like. Apart from these, John Florence is a good example of a new generation of surfers who combine skateboarding and surfing.

What do you think about the point of wave surfing? What would you like to change after you?
Ergun: Wave surfing has developed and become widespread in Turkey. Compared to the first years, more people now have the opportunity to surf. The opening of surf schools and the production of surfboards in our country make surfing accessible. Of course, this development was not enough in terms of racing and training professional surfers. Preparing for the competition is a different discipline, it is necessary to work like an athlete in order to be successful in national races. After receiving training, individual surfers in Turkey progress through their own efforts, studies and spending time with experienced surfers. One of the things I want to change going forward is; The Turkish championship, which has not been done fairly as it should be since 2012, and has been brought in after the fait accompli. they cannot reassure our surfers who have advanced their level, they do not want to participate in the competition. therefore, the development of surfing cannot be encouraged, there is an inadequate and one-sided management. There are many points to criticize in this regard, the situation is putting a big block on the development of surfing.
I hope that with the formation of a visionary management in the future, the formation of trainings, competitions, national team training camps, refereeing trainings and the formation of teams that can be sent to international competitions can be achieved in a stable manner.

What about the longboard known as land surfing?
Ergun: It offers a great practice opportunity for surfing, especially for those who prefer the longboard style in surfing. Maneuvering in the waves is difficult in the waves in the Black Sea, it is necessary to do supportive technical exercises on land to repeat and work, and longboard is the best for this.

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Do you use a Longboard or Surf Skate on land for training?
Ergun: I use surf skates because I use short boards more. It allows you to develop both balance and a controlled stance for sudden maneuvers and acceleration movements. Both of them are very helpful in improving yourself according to your style. Those who start surfing, longboard and surf skaters are progressing fast because they have technical infrastructure.

What would you like to say to Turk Longboard members about wave surfing?
Ergun: Surfing and longboarding are very similar to each other, since they were produced by surfers to ride on waveless days as an alternative to surfing, the two are sports that coexist. Definitely longboarders should try it. While there are enough waves and opportunities in Turkey, it is a great chance that it is safe for the beginner level. We invite all Turkish Longboard members to surf, may the waves be with you…🗿

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