How to Become a Turk Longboard Member?


How to become a Turk Longboard member?

Anyone who is curious about the sport of longboard, has an interest, and wants to skate longboard together can become a member of the Turk Longboard Community, Turkey's largest Longboard community.

It is not important for Turk Longboard whether you have a background in the sport of longboard or not.

What are the Turk Longboard Membership Stages?

turk longboard nasil uye olunur
Fill in the application form on the page that opens after clicking the join us button on the Turk Longboard website.

basvuru formu

What are the Points to Consider While Applying for Turk Longboard Membership?

*If you are under the age of 18, you must upload the text to the application form, including that your parent has given permission for your membership process, and the image size must be maximum 5mb. If you have problems during the installation, you can get help from the Turk Longboard support line.
* You should read the Membership Criteria carefully.
* If you live in a country or city that does not have a representative, you can write the name of the country or city on the button that appears after clicking the other option.

Turk Longboard Üyelik Kriterleri Nelerdir?

1- I am not going to discriminate against anyone regarding his or her language, religion, race, political opinion nor social status.

2- If I am under the age of 18, I will apply by uploading the parent permission paper.

3- I will not damage the self-confidence of my former members in Longboard sport, and I will do my best to support the development in this sport.

4- During longboard activities, I will leave the area I entered the way I found it, clean. I am not going to harm the environment in any way, shape, or form whilst doing my sport.

5- If I have a problem with another member in the Whatsapp/Telegram group(s) I join, I will try to solve this problem without reflecting it on the group or report it to the management crew.

6- I will not share any spam messages or unauthorized advertisement messages in the Whatsapp/Telegram group(s) I join.

7- I won’t disturb anyone via Whatsapp or telegram without his/her permission from the main Whatsapp or Telegram group. I won’t use slang/curse words nor harmful substances in the events I participate in.

8- I will get permission from my representative or the administration in the city where I am, before posting to groups in an emergency or for announcements.

9- I will be responsible for any action I take that doesn’t comply with the Basic Membership Criteria. I won’t hold Turk Longboard or its sponsors responsible for legal sanctions that may occur.

10- Turk Longboard’a ait sohbet grupları ve katıldığım organizasyonlarında Turk Longboard’un iş birliği yapmadığı markalar ve/veya ürünlerin reklamını izinsiz yapmayacağım.

When will the Turk Longboard Membership Evaluation be concluded?

* Our Authorized Team will result your application for membership, at 09:00 AM Istanbul, Turkey time (GMT +3) every Sunday.

What are the Advantages of Turk Longboard Membership?

When you join the Turk Longboard Community, your membership code is created and you are informed about upcoming events in advance.

You can ask questions about Longboard in the chat groups added by the administrators.

Managers inform you about local events from the announcement group created specifically for the city you choose.

The aim of Turk Longboard, which was established in 2017, is for everyone to skate freely, regardless of religion, language or race.

The first organization participation is the 17th International IELSportfest festival in 2017. During the 2017 season, it held 18 different events.

Turk Longboard, which became one of the known longboard communities in the world in 2018, has started to open representative offices in many cities.

It organized the Longboard summer camp for the first time in Turkey, and made 33 different organizations throughout the world during the season.

In 2019 Turk Longboard prepared stands and arranged conferences in Universities/Colleges in order to introduce young students to the culture of Longboarding. This season an activity has been organized for kids with “Leukemia”. The name of this activity was called “Go Skate For Kids With Leukemia”, thanks to this activity we raised and funded over five thousand toys that were appropriate for kids. That season we completed over 37 Longboard activities.

In 2020 we have established the Turk Longboard Team, we paired up with Northern Sun boards whom is currently producing a collection special for Turk Longboard Team Riders and Turk Longboard Members. We started producing and launched the new Turk Longboard merchandise line-up. We, as Turk Longboard, are organizing different and very creative outdoor activites, in order to spread the culture of longboarding to people of all ages.

You can join the Turk Longboard Community for free by clicking here.

We recommend that you become a member of the Turk Longboard Community before purchasing your board.