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World Skate Hakemi Renata Paschini Röportajı


World Skate Judge Renata Paschini answered your questions.

Could you briefly introduce yourself to us? Where were you born and what are you doing as a profession?
My name is Renata Paschini, everybody call me Renatinha. I started skating in 1986, street at the beginning and changed to vertical and bowl in 1997. Graduated in dentistry. Professional skater since 2011, 4x Brazilian Champion; Second Place at Mystic Cup, Prague World Cup; Vice World Champion in Antwerp, World Cup; Suck My Trucks Champion in Berlin. Co-founder of the Women's Skate Association 2010, president until 08/03/22. Member of the World Skate Gender Equality Commission. As a profession I am still dentist and vertical and park official judge for the Brazilian Skate Confederation and World Skate.

world skate renata paschini

Renata Paschini @renataskt Rony Gomes @ronygomes Pedro Barros @pedrobarrossk8 Augusto Akio @augakio Pietro Nunes @pietronuneskt Gustavo Fujikawa @fujiskt Raica Ventura @raicca.ventura Fernanda Tonissi @fernanda.tonissi Fernanda Galdino @fernandinhacgaldino

How was your acquaintance with World Skate?
Renata: World Skate held in Rome/Italy the WOMEN IN INTERNATIONAL SKATEBOARDING TECHNICAL COURSE in May 2019 to train judges, where 11 women from different countries and I participated, so I started to be part of the judging panel in international championships and at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
I was the first woman to be a judge in a world vertical skate championship.

Are there any vert and ramp athletes that you follow or recommend?
Renata: Brazil has a lot of good vert and ramp athletes and I recommend Rony Gomes, Pedro Barros, Augusto Akio and new ones Pietro Nunes, Gustavo Fugikawa. Girls I recommend Raicca Ventura, Fernanda Tonissi and the new one Fernanda Galdino.

As a judge yourself, how do you ensure justice between the competitors; and what do you pay particular attention to whilst doing so?
Renata: There are 5 judging criteria that are evaluated during the athlete's performance in the competition and this ensures a fair judgment. They are: Difficulty and Variety of Performed Tricks; Quality of Execution; Repetition; Flow and Consistency; Use of Course and Individual Obstacles. I pay particular attention to how the athlete connects the walls on the field of play, which tricks are chosen and applied, without losing constancy.

What are your thoughts on the development of skating sports on Vert and Ramps?
Renata: Park as an Olympic modality provides opportunity of a new life within the sport for many athletes, they could notice that vertical also provides base and security and facilitates the execution of tricks in any field. Likewise, the resumption of international vertical competitions also influenced this movement, developing and spreading the modality.

What are the challenges of being a skateboard judge?
Renata: The challenge of being a skateboard judge is to stay up-to-date and knowledgeable. Skateboarding is a dynamic sport, constantly evolving, new maneuvers are invented and new athletes appear on the scene. And also be in constant work, be it acting as a referee, judging competitions and also watching competitions that take place around the world.

What is your opinion about the merging of skate culture with the Olympics do you see any future or possibility about it?
Renata: Skateboard culture runs deep, and it's not just about skateboarding. It involves music, fashion, behavior, competition, unity, inclusion. It is marked by the exchange between practitioners where all together form a big family. The Olympics is just one end of skateboarding, the competition, and came to add up by spreading skateboarding as a sport to the entire planet. With the Olympics, skateboarding reached wild, unimaginable places and with its outstanding athletes, it carries its culture with it. The culture of skateboarding together with the Olympics send a positive message to the world, the message of peace and love.

Do you have any advice on skating for Turk Longboard members?
Renata: Go skateboarding, have fun, get rid of stress on a skatepark and if you feel like it, go to competitions! Skateboard is perfect and gives you happiness, friends, well being and currently work!

Renata Paschini @renataskt

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