Longboard Tactics for Downhill


If you are just starting out on the Longboard and the Downhill style has caught your attention but you can't decide where to start, this post is for you.

First of all, I want you to do security and board control. Is your board suitable for this style and do you have sufficient security measures. Trucks and Decks are the most important points on board. I do not recommend loosening your trucks because loose truck speeds can get out of control instantly. If you are a novice and lose control, bad injuries can occur. As for deck, I prefer 40 inch decks. For more detailed information, you can read my previous downhill blog. As for the safety part, classical equipment will meet your needs (helmet, knee pad, elbow pad, slide glove).

POSITION: Our wind shear position is very important, if we do not get it right, we cannot accelerate well. Once you know whether you are regular (left foot) or goofy (right foot), you stand on your toes with your front foot crossed and your rear toe facing the front of the board, and you lean enough to touch your chest on your right leg. When you first start, it is useful to practice on an unstable flat ground. I am constantly working on this movement on my chiboo, you get a very nice balance.

SPEED: I know you are here because you all like speed but if you are just getting started please be a little patient. Make sure you fully comprehend how to stop and how to fall, then it will be more beneficial for you to increase your speed gradually.

SLIDE: Perhaps the most important part is a move that requires practice as well as it looks fun. It is definitely not easy, do not leave it to try a few times in a week, I even have friends who learn. There are so many types of slide pendy, reverse pendy, coleman, standup etc. I was the first to start with coleman, because I threw to the left side, let the friends who throw to the right apply the opposite. After holding the board firmly with your right hand, put your left hand on the ground (definitely use the slide glove!) And quickly put your weight on your left arm so that the board does not move away from you so that you can easily manage the board, your hips are always up and wear your protective equipment.

BALANCE: Balance is something that will improve with experience, guys, so you need plenty of driving. The slightest loss of balance from high speeds can lead to huge accidents. Don't move your feet too much and keep it as straight as possible, experience the rest. The chiboard balance board will be of great use to you if you don't always have the opportunity to go out.

FEAR: Friends, our biggest danger in this style is fear. Again, we need plenty of practice to overcome fear causes panic and you don't know what to do Try to stay calm as much as possible.

Guys, everything happens over time, it is very natural that you cannot come to a good place in a short time in a difficult way. I aimed to make this period healthier and easier by giving you a few information and tactics. Take care of yourself good slides.

Author: Behlül Doğruer @behlll

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