Yildiz Technical University Street Fest Held


The Street Festival, organized by Yildiz Wheel Club, took place in the Middle Garden of Yildiz Technical University.

A large number of university students participated in the Street Festival, which they organized together with Parkour, Krav Maga, Wing Chun and Dance ensembles. The festival, where many activities will take place, from award-winning races to workshops, from gift draws to dance performances, was an opportunity to make a lively closing to the week when students got their visas and summer showed its face.

Longboard Speed Competition Results
1. Eren Taşkın 01:33
2. Behlül Doğruer – 01:39
3. Kortan Kayra Söylemez – 01:43

About Yıldız Technical University
Yıldız University is named Yıldız Technical University with the law on 03 July 1992. While Kocaeli Vocational School and Kocaeli Engineering Faculty were leaving the institution, the Engineering Faculty with 12 departments remaining in Yıldız was abolished and the existing departments were merged and four new faculties were established, namely the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Chemistry and Metallurgy. While the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Faculty of Architecture maintain their positions, the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences is added to the institution as a brand new faculty.

Thus, Yıldız Technical University had a new structure consisting of 7 faculties, 2 institutes, Vocational School and departments affiliated to the Rectorate.

Rector Prof. One month after Süha Toner retired in July 1992, the establishment decision of Yıldız Technical University was approved and the Dean of Engineering Faculty Prof. Dr. Turgut Uzel becomes the first rector of YTU. After four years of service, Prof. Dr. Ayhan Alkış is elected rector. Between 2004-2008 Prof. Dr. Durul Ören served as Professor for two consecutive terms between 2008-2016. Dr. İsmail Yüksek, after working as a rector, Prof. Dr. Bahri Şahin takes office. In 2020, Prof. Dr. Tamer Yılmaz is appointed as the rector.

Since 2020, Yıldız Technical University has been setting new targets for YTU by revealing the breakthroughs required by the 21st century and rapidly implementing the relevant projects. For example, as the first university in Turkey to receive a Zero Waste Certificate, Yıldız Technical University draws attention with its Barrier-Free University, Sustainable Campus, Smart Campus projects, and activities for the use of clean water and clean energy.

Increasing its visibility in the national and international arena with achievements that can be measured at world standards, YTU supports students with scholarship opportunities and academics with its publication incentive policies. .

According to the statement made by YÖK in December 2021, Yıldız Technical University, which is the fifth best research university in Turkey in the A1 group in the Research Universities list, is also the owner of the most successful Technopark award of the last two years with its Technopark established in 2003.

About YTU Davutpaşa Campus 
It was established in 1999 by incorporating the Davutpaşa Barracks into the body of Yıldız Technical University. The main building, which was used as a barracks before, is in the shape of the letter U. After it was given to the university, laboratory sections were added to this building, and the middle of the U was arranged to be used as a garden. Two buildings, one of which is the student cafeteria and canteen at the end of the laboratory, and the other one in front of it, the staff and lecturer cafeteria and the kitchen, were built. The building, which was used as a bath a little further on and is not used at the moment, is also striking. Behind the staff cafeteria, there is the new canteen and dining hall building, which was put into service in 2007, right next to it, an indoor swimming pool, fitness hall, indoor basketball court, tennis courts and an artificial turf.

The improvements planned in Davutpaşa campus are student dormitory for 3000 people, guesthouse, kindergarten and lodgings, which were planned as 1000 people in the first place. The carpentry and ironworks on Yıldız campus will be moved at a later date. In addition, the Faculty of Civil Engineering moved to Davutpaşa campus with the 2008-2009 academic year. Many constructions, including the Faculty of Electrical-Electronics and the Technopark, have come to an end.

Who is Yıldız Wheel Group?
Yıldız Wheeler Group was established in 2019. Saying that after a cold and snowy start to the spring term, we are finally starting our outdoor training sessions, they regularly train at the same day and time every week at Yıldız Technical University. In case of cancellation of the training, as it would be dangerous to slip on wet ground, information is given during the day. Yıldız Teker organizes various events called “SuitSkate” in order to show that people in business life can also do sports such as skating and skateboarding. You can follow instagram @yildizzteker to be informed about all our events and organizations.

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